Bikers, smokers -- both stink

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Constant Mesh

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Jul 11, 2005
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Being out in the onrushing air a biker's clothing absorbs fumes/odors just like a big chunk of filter paper. It's amazing just how quickly clothing can absorb so much smelly crud. Smells like you've been in a room with a 100 smokers.

100F degrees in Central Texas today. Walked in a restaurant at lunch and removed my leather jacket. Several waitresses and customers gagged and fainted. :rolleyes:

As a cigar smoker (and an ATGATT rider in the hot SW), I laugh at your cigarette smoking tribulations! HA! and HA HA!

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I like it when I cut a really stinky silent fart in a crowd.

It's tough not to giggle....

Does that make me a biker?


Adding a smiley thing so people don't think I'm an asshole...


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