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Jul 16, 2011
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Anchorage, Alaska
I am not sure this is the right forum to post this in, but if not, I am sure a moderator will move it to the correct place.

I am looking for advice on what, if any, XL Helmets will fit into the stock side cases. My 2xl Bell Star doesn't even come close and I know my 2xl is a bit big for me so I am looking for a new helmet and I would really like it to fit into the side cases.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

My Nolan 103 size L fits in the side case with an extra inch on to and front to back.

I also added larger straps to both side cases to hold it in. I picked them up at Eastern Mountain Sports for around 4 bucks.

good luck

I have a Shoei X-11 Large that fits fine . . . I had a Bell Star Cantra in a Large as well but the shell was noticeably bigger than the Shoei shell . . . I'm guessing the 2XL shell has pretty big based on my experience with the Ball Star Large

My Scorpion EXO-700 in size XL fits in the side case. It only fits in 1 direction, but it does fit.

I've got a Shoei RF1000 2XL that fits. Surprised your doesn't.

It only fits if I put the shield down, however.

I also have a RF1100 that I haven't tried yet.

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Have been able to get my Shoei and Scorpion easily into the side case (face shield forward), might need to jiggle it a little; not a bad idea to use a helmet bag to keep scratches to a minimum (if that is important to you).

The Bell Star 2XL would fit if it were not for the spoiler that sticks off the back and the chin also extends forward a bit, those two areas encounter resistance inside the side cases.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, keep them coming.....

I use the Gmax 54s and it fits fine. With the scalar rider I have to slide the Bluetooth unit off the headphone base and it will fit. My gmax is a xxxl .

HJC AC-12, with the Scala Rider, 2XL, no worries. I put it in the left side bag facing rearward, I'm not sure I've even tried it facing forward. The Scala is on the left side, so I put that side in first to keep from having to close the door on the Scala.


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