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Parts For Sale FJR Trailer Hitch - Price lowered

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May 28, 2008
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Missoula, MT
I have a Classic Industries trailer hitch for sale. It's a great hitch made in Australia. I ran it for probably 10+ years on my 2008 FJR so I know it is a relatively easy install on a Gen 2. I don't know whether that translates to other generations.
I towed an Aluma trailer all over the country, two up, with all our camping gear and as long as the trailer was not overloaded and the weight was distributed correctly it was terrific. The bike had about 55,000 miles on it when I sold it a month or so ago and the hitch never cause a problem.
I have the wiring diagram and installation instructions from the manufacturer. You'll need to add your own wiring harness since included one had a connector I've never seen before so I assume it was something not commonly used in this country.
Any standard towing ball will fit.
I tried to see if the trailer hitches are still being made but the web address on the installation instructions default to Dennis Kirk.
I've dropped the price to $200.00 including shipping in the lower 48.


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