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Forum Terms & Rules

That you will review and understand the Forum Guidelines (also linked at the top of the forum) that are very colorful in style, but also very important principles to understand and follow on the board.

Getting to Know the Board and Searching

You are required to to review and understand several special board areas we have constructed just for new users like yourself including New Owners Read This, Important Information for New Users!, FJR Model Comparison Matrix (copyright Matt Watkins and shared on this forum with permission), and Frequently Asked Questions of popular information for the various model years of FJRs. As a member that reviews these sections first you will become most appreciated by forum members for doing a little bit of homework to ensure a question hasn't been asked many times before. Also, members that contribute new and interesting FJR specific information are celebrated while members that criticize others work are often dogpiled.

And before you consider asking a question about things like oil, tires, top speed, or other popular questions, look at Never-Ending Pointless Recurring Threads.

Searching for keywords is extremely easy once you do it once or twice. For example, you want to know about the YES warranty go to Google and enter YES warranty and search. It's that simple....and is extremely powerful.

If you can't find something feel free to ask, but try asking, "I searched on x and y, but didn't find it. Should I try something different?" Don't just say you searched and couldn't find something please!

Commercial Activity/Selling on the Board

You are only allowed to use the forum as a member, not as a commercial vendor. Anything that could be construed as marketing, advertising, or sales related activities without Administrator approval will not be tolerated. Please contact and Administrator in advance if you think you may represent a unique FJR-specific commercial interest on the board.


Most works on this forum are protected under the Creative Commons license with terms "Attribution-Non commercial-No Derivatives Version 2" (by-nc-nd). Unlike traditional copyright that prevents any use without specific permission, these terms mean you can download forum works and share them with others as long as you mention the forum and link back to the source. Also, you can't change material or use it for commercial purposes. For more information read this. If you want to consider using material in another way please contact a forum administrator.

Other works that the owner has reserved or expressed copyright protection or or CC terms that don't allow for use are prohibited. If such material is found by a forum member or a member of the public at large, please contact an administrator to arrange for removal of the material. Note that we do believe and support the principle of Fair Use.

Charity or other Personal Promotion

Charity is a great thing and we leave it to forum members to choose what charities they may want to participate outside the forum. In other words, please don't promote charities or causes on the forum. Occasionally, there will be a very special case involving a forum member or person very close to the forum we will give special permission to promote, but they are are with special permission in advance.

Profile & Location

Do the forum a favor and fill out your city, state, and particular year/model of FJR. Often when you ask a question the answer can be dependent on this information.

When you enter your Location please help us by entering it as City, ST. That's your city with the first letter capitalized, a comma, a space, and then the two letter abbreviation for your state or province capitalized. Example: Peoria, IL


Have fun talking about the board's main purpose....which if of course......FJRs.

Once you've been around for a while you may be promoted to have the option to edit your posts or title. Please use the privilege with these principles in mind.

Don't TYPE IN ALL CAPS in your post or thread title unless it's something very special. WE DON'T LIKE WHEN PEOPLE SHOUT and very much like it when people used mixed case like they were supposed to learn in grade school.

Don't use teasers...... topic titles to get people to click on it. We're a big board with many threads. Summarize your topic threads in the title please. Bad titles: "I have a question", "Don't you hate it when.....", etc. Good titles: "What's the head bearing torque?", "I hate it when people type teaser threads", etc.

While it shouldn't have to be said, please create threads in the correct area. Don't create in another area you know isn't correct to "get more exposure". And definitely don't start a thread twice. Doing one of both of these is bound to attract unwanted attention from your administrator hosts as they clean up the mess.

If you have problems with your account, forget it later on, or for whatever reason please DO NOT reregister. We seriously frown on multiple registrations and might confuse you with a person that needs to be removed from the board. Please contact and administrator to help you get back to your original account. If you do end up creating a second account, contact an administrator to resolve and merge the two.

Posts express the view of the author and are not necessarily the views of this board or administrators. Any user who feels that a posted message is contrary to the board guidelines is encouraged to contact an Administrator via Personal Message.

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, troll-like, or otherwise violate any law.

You agree that once you post something it becomes property of the forum. Your contribution is a critical part of a threaded discussion and the context is important to retain. If for some reason you depart the forum don't expect that your account and material will be deleted.

This forum is left substantially open for other non-registered users and search engines to see, but some threads are restricted to members and members in good standing. Personal information (i.e. your e-mail address, login name, information you share via personal messenger) is not open to view unless you choose to share it.

You agree that you are at least 16 years of age. If you are not 16 years or older, you must stop registration now.

You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you....including and especially service manuals. Go buy one!

Feel free to contact an administrator if you have any questions or concerns.

Updated: 9 SEPTEMBER 2019

Removed Requirement for New Forum Member/SPAMBot with movement to Cloud in September 2019

There are three steps you must follow to register and post to the forum.

1. You must first complete the email verification on the next page. You will be asked for a valid email address. An email will then be sent to you, containing a link you MUST click in order to activate your account. If you do not receive this email, be sure that your email spam filter will allow emails from Once you are sure the email can get through, click the Resend Validation Email link. (You must be logged in)

2. Then, as a new user, you MUST visit the New Forum Members area and introduce yourself to the board. Only after you post your first message are you considered a member and will then be allowed to view and post other parts of the board unavailable to non members.

Registrants that don't post within 3 days will have their accounts deleted. We also do this as an effective technique to avoid'll thank us later as we remain almost entirely SPAM free.

3. Read these rules in their entirety.

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