FZ1 Mirror Install On GenII with Gerauld Brackets

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Jan 3, 2007
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Twin-Ports, MN
After putting up with the stock mirrors for way too many miles, I finally decided to order and install the FZ1 mirrors. I had searched and read numerous topics about this on the forum, but never did find exactly what I was looking for (it may still be out there somewhere). I wanted the FZ1 mirrors, mounted with Gerauld light brackets that happen to be holding Hella FF50 lights.

Gary from Mondak fixed me up with a mirror order and, although he had to order them, they came relatively quickly. I took them out to the shop and started disassembling the bike and removed the L.H. side mirror only to find out that the studs on the FZ1 mirrors were too short for this to be a quick install.

After much hemming and hawing trying to decide which way to make this work, I decided to file down the stand-offs that are cast into the aluminum mirror base from which the mounting studs protrude, and also file down the collars that are located in the rubber mounting pad located behind the fairing. The stand-offs were filed down to match the depth of the outer rim of the mirror mounting base and the collars were filed down about 3/16 of an inch. This made the collars fit inside of the rubber mounting pad (not flush with the top of it, but a bit below the surface) about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch and allowed for compression of the rubber (yes odot, compression of the rubber) :rolleyes: , and also a solid fit when torquing down.

In the end, the o.e.m. mirror mount nut fully threaded onto the mirror stud (barely) and I certainly used loctite to keep it that way. The mirrors look good and feel like a solid mount. The only concession that I had to make was to keep the rubber boot on the bottom of the FZ1 mirror folded on the outside of the mirror base rather than under it as it was originally intended. That was the compromise with this plan. It seems to fit well on the outside, and doesn't look like it will allow road grime to enter, nor does it look like it will slide up, however, time will tell.

I still think a better solution would be to mount longer studs into the FZ1 mirrors, but being aluminum, and being cast into the housing (they're not threaded and don't look to be pressed, but I'm not sure) it would be difficult to do this.

So, if you're wondering if it will work, it will, and you can and end up with a pretty clean install ( I'm pretty picky about my work - you should see the PCIII and Audiovox CC installs). The first side took about 3 hours including coming up with a plan, and the second side took about 30 minutes. I don't have pics, but if anyone needs further information, let me know. I'm posting this as another option for those who have a Gen II and light brackets and want an option for better mirrors.

If I run into problems in the future with this set-up, I'll post here and report.



Roy Epperson

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Apr 7, 2008
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Santa Barbara, Ca
Thanks to Sirryan for posting his description on getting the FZ1 mirrors and Garauld's auxiliary light brackets to work together. It saved me a bunch of time. I exchanged PMs with Sirryan while I was doing the same.

More pictures and my brief write-up




I filed the lands at the base of the studs off the FZ1 mirrors and shortened the FJR bushings. This gives enough clearance so the studs fully engage with the nuts. The nuts are flush with end of the studs. I used blue "lock-tight" to help ensure they don't vibrate loose. I made a 1/16" thick rubber pad which is between the fairing and Garauld's bracket.


FZ1 base


FJR bushings



The filing of the FZ1 mounts was "straight" forward as the mirror flange provided the necessary guides to for the amount to file off. The FJR bushings was another thing. Luck was on my side and I had a piece of wood which was the same thickness of the final height I wanted the bushings so I used it as a guide.


It takes some patience to get the bushings and rubber grommet back in between the fairing and mounting point. Both Sirryan and I cut off the "legs" which hold the grommet into the frame. If the fairing was not in place, one should be able to pull them through but... I re-installed the grommet and 2 bushings by inserting the bushings into the grommet and then working the bottom half of the grommet between the fairing and mount, then pushing top half of the bushings against the mount, and then with a small screwdriver working the top portion of the grommet in between the fairing, bushings and mount.





Turtle Gears
Jun 10, 2007
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Fallbrook, CA (San Diego)
I just put the FZ1 mirrors on with high strength loctite. The nuts only went on half way but 6 thousand miles later and a few smacks on cars while lane splitting everything is fine.



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Sep 9, 2008
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Sammamish, WA
I installed OEM FZ1 mirrors on my 06 with Gerauld light brackets with no mods except to drill a bigger hole on the bracket to fit around the spacer,are the mirrors OEM or aftermarket from e-bay? I have pleanty of bolt to have bracket with rubber spacer, FYI the gen 1 brackets fits better with the FZ1 mirrors, there will be no space between the mirror boots and body, the edge of the bracket follows the FZ1 boots and looks cleaner.