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Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

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AFAIK, there has only been one subframe failure reported by a rider (passx) while using a stiffy kit: Passx note

Aluminum does not have a fatigue limit so the cast subframe will eventually fail given enough stress cycles. I believe stiffy kits can substantially prolong the life of the stock subframe. For the money, I think they were cheap insurance but I grew tired of making them (I'm now retired) so I hope Murph or someone will pick up where I left off.
Hi - I am starting to wind down the list of items I would make, kind of like retirement. Here's an updated [as of 12-13-2019] catalog listing of the items I normally make summarized in one place. Hopefully the photos will stay intact. If anything here interests you, please send me a personal message (PM) by clicking my member handle or send me an email at GTWorksLLC on Gmail. I will need your zip code to calc shipping costs. All products come with money back guarantee - no problemo. Some prices may have changed and availability is based on my frame of mind.

In addition to these items, I may be able to make up specials to suit your specific needs. I also offer design and prototyping services for non-FJR items. I have repaired and repainted many lids and other parts - if you need this service, contact me.

Please refrain from adding comments in this thread - put them in the Vendor Feedback thread instead. Thanks a bunch for looking and ride safe!

Luggage Racks - Gen1

Sorry, I am no longer making Gen1 racks.

Luggage Racks - Gen2/3

I have made two different styles for Gen2/3 racks (Standard, and Sport). All my racks are made of solid aluminum alloy and then TIG welded together. I normally powdercoat them satin black, but other common powdercoat colors are available. No modifications to the bike are needed for any of these - they just bolt on. Backrests can be added to any of the racks for $150 additional. Backrests can be either removable or permanently attached. Here is the Standard style - approx. 12" x 16-1/2" wide. Cost is $240 plus S&H for one powdercoated satin black:


Next is the smaller Sport style rack - approx. 10-1/2" x 11-1/2" wide. Cost is $200 plus S&H for one powdercoated satin black:


Backrests can be added to either of these racks for $150. The following images show the removable and permanent attachment styles:



Backrests - Gen1

I am no longer making backrests for Gen1 bikes.

Backrests - Gen2/3

I can also provide a backrest for your Gen2 or 3 bike as shown below for $230 plus S&H. These show the Saddlemen pad I now use for backrests. The frames are normally powdercoated satin black. It sets on top of the rack and uses longer SST bolts and spacers that I include.



Highway pegs kits

I have available highway peg kits for all model years - the mounting plates are the same. I normally powdercoat the plates, spacers and pegs dark silver (similar to the engine cases) for Gen1 & 2 bikes, or bright silver for the Gen3 bikes. Other color options are available. The stateside cost for just the plates, spacers and SST screws are $70 in case you wish to mount your own pegs. Add $35 for universal-style pegs shown in the first images or $70 for the Rivco anti-vibe pegs shown in the second set of pics. Note - the left plate does not interfere with oil filter replacement.







This is what normally is included in a complete kit:


Stiffy kits

You may have read that some riders have experienced failure of the subframe - I have developed reinforcement kits that will substantially reduce the
chance of failure, and, if it were to happen, keep all the loosey items together until it can be serviced. A typical failure:



The stiffy kit for Gen1 bikes is $70 delivered stateside:




The stiffy kit for Gen2/3 bikes is $100 plus S&H:



Hydration systems

I can make you a hydration system to satisfy your thirst on the long haul. They come in 1/2 and 1-gal sizes and are mounted to one of your rear passenger footpegs. Included in the kit is a Coleman jug (you have some choice of colors), a base (again, you can pick a color), tubing and a bite valve. A quick-release latch makes removal quick for LD riders. Cost for the 1/2 gal kit is $100 plus S&H. Add $20 for the 1-gal kit. Note - these kits can be mounted to other bikes as well.



Radar Detector mount kit

I have available, a kit that allows you to mount your RD atop one of the handlebar fluid reservoirs. Finish is satin black powdercoat. Stateside delivered cost is $50.


Handguard extenders

These help keep your fingertips a bit warmer by deflecting the cold air lower than the V-Strom hand guards. $25 delivered stateside.

Hi, do yoy still make the highway rivco pegs?. I live in Norway, so shipping is an issue 🤣. I have the gen 2, 2007 mod.
-Geir Ove
Not that I know of. I have some suitable paint here (most model years) that I would sell cheap but I looked into shipping it and it turned into a big hassle so if someone wants to coordinate that using their business account or pick it up here then send me a PM.
I would like to buy a set of your HW pegs. I have a 2008 fjr1300. What is the cost delivered to Media,Pa. 19063. Are there different styles? Where do we go from here? Paul Tumminelli.
Hi, I,m new to this forum and I would like to buy a set of your universal HW peg kits. I have a black 2008 fjr1300a and live in Florida, 33534.
Have you ever given any thought to building a dog carrier for the rear of a Gen III? I've been wanting to bring my dog with me on trips but haven't found anything that would accommodate a 50lb pooch.
Garauld is retired. Give the guy a break. For a 50 lb dog plus carrier, it is a lot of weight on the subframe and up high. Trailer might be the best bet.
I appreciate your "input" RossKean. The reason I asked is because of the weight. I routinely carry a 60lb dry bag on the back of the bike (equipped with a Garauld Stiffy kit) on long trips but a significant portion of that weight is on the pillion seat. I would not subject a dog to the stuff kicked up off the road by the tires by pulling them in a trailer.