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Parts For Sale Garmin Zumo 665, with lifetime maps, GXM40, 8gb SD card, OEM Wiring harness, Car Mount, 12V adapter, SunShade, Etc.

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Sep 4, 2009
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Villanova PA
Up for sale, my Garmin 665LM with a myriad of accessories; GXM40 Sirius XM Satellite radio receiver, Sunshade, 8GB Micro SD Card, Full OEM Wiring Harness, Ram Ball Mount, Automobile mount and 12V power adapter, Waterproof harness cover, East Coast US ride routes.

I've owned this for years and enjoyed it thoroughly, and I can't believe I'm giving up Satellite Radio, but recently purchased an XT, so time to say goodbye to the 665. Clean unit, works as it should. De-registered from Garmin and Fully updated with latest software an continental US maps.

Asking $400 delivered within the lower 48 states. Thank you for your interest. Baz.
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