Givi Maxia Tail-Stop-Turn project

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Update: I've tweaked the code a bit. I reduced the tail light pwm to 35/255, which still provides good brightness at night (hopefully still enough to register on a self-driving Tesla camera system) while providing greater contrast with the brake light level. Similarly, I reconsidered my comment above and modified the turn signal function to turn the LEDs off on that side completely between flashes for maximum contrast.

Finally, I made use of the on-board accelerometer to flash the LEDs under hard braking and strobe them under very hard braking. (Hard is currently defined as 0.3g to 0.6g and very hard as greater than 0.6g -- subject to further tweaking, perhaps.)

Much of my riding is after midnight down long, dark highways. Hopefully this helps make me stand out. If not, at least it has been a neat project. ;-)