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GS Scott

Jul 2, 2024
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Boston, MA
New to the forum, and Yamaha's for that matter. I've been an air cooled inline 4 Suzuki GS guy for the past 30 plus years. I held off as long as I could but finally threw a leg over an FJR and was instantly sold. Goodness what a machine! I have an 07 DCR, bought with 18k on the clocks. Picked up a color matched Corbin and absolutely love this bike.
I'm in the Boston area, with our beautiful but somewhat short riding season. I'm lucky enough to have several riding friends and we get out and meet for rides a couple times a month. I'm hoping to add heated grips and maybe a heated seat to extend the riding season, but disposable funds will dictate that. Need to fix the ECU for that pesky throttle response first. (Apologies for the boring garage pic.)
If anyone happens to be in the market for an 82 GS1000S Katana (or an 82/83 GS1100E/ES), give me a ring - I know a good deal about this particular model and most of what I see for sale is pretty bad. Seems to me the people selling these have no idea what is original / stock (or how to write a decent ad for that matter).


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Got this in my email account, and I'm a bit suspicious... as there is no "reply" on this thread...
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You evidently have your notifications set up to send you an email when someone replies to a thread you are following. This is an automatic email sent by the forum and you can't reply to them. You can easily change your notification settings so you are not inundated with email notifications from every thread you are following. You can set them to just giving you an alert when you are on the forum. This isn't a scam or anything else. (I have mine set to only send me an email if someone has sent me a PM (Private message).
I'm hoping to add heated grips and maybe a heated seat to extend the riding season, but disposable funds will dictate that. Need to fix the ECU for that pesky throttle response first.
The heated grips are a treat - I see you already responded to the ones for sale on the forum (I was going to point them out). I think that a heated jacket liner (not just a vest) is far better bang-for-the-buck than a heated seat when it comes to cold weather riding.

For the throttle, look into the "Ivan Flash". Should help with the snatchy lean condition at low openings. I had a Power Commander on my '07 (came with it when I bought the bike lightly used). I took it off because of the hit on fuel consumption and got used to the throttle after a while. (Ivan flash wasn't available then). I put 295,000 km on my '07 before I sold it to buy a used 2011. (The 2011 ECU is much smoother and the bike comes with the heated grips.) I really like my "Liquid Silver", but the Black Cherry of the '07 was the nicest color, IMHO.

Link to Ivan's Site
Thread on Gen II Flash

Welcome from New Brunswick, Canada

Edit: In addition to flashing the ECU, the '07 might benefit from a "G2" throttle tube. It provides a shallower throttle ramp at low openings.
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Thank you for the suggestions, I do appreciate it.
And that heated grip set up for sale is sold :( Any suggestion for the heated liner? I tried a heated vest and it didn't seem to do anything...
Warm & Safe, Gerbings or Tourmaster. Jacket liner far more effective than vest IMHO - sleeve coverage makes a big difference. I figure my heated gear extends my riding season a couple weeks on either end and can make an enjoyable day out of one that has you on the edge of hypothermia. I also have heated gloves but don't wear them often. They are a bit bulky, but more effective than the grips when it is really cold.

Consider aftermarket heated grips. Oxford is one brand, but there are others. Read some reviews or maybe someone here can make some recommendations.
I might get the Ivan flash after this riding season is over, but I don't really have any major issues with the way the bike currently runs.
Welcome from the Big Apple and congrats on your new ride. Enjoy! (y)
Loved my 1980 GSE 750. The FJR is what that bike wanted to be when it grew up. Lol 😁
Congrats on the new FJR! Even if it is that horrible color. Anyone riding that fugly '07 maroon must not have had much of a mother. Just saying.....