Heading to the Black Hills of SD. Recommendations/Advice welcome

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Apr 7, 2008
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Central Alberta, CANADA
In preliminary planning for a ride to the Black Hills of SD in May. Looking for Recommendations/Advice on accomodations, eateries, roads not to miss, etc..
‘Thanks in advance for your input!
Stop at Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD. That is a "thing" to do when in that area of the country. I think I had a buffalo burger when I was there many years ago.

Also, there was a ski lift ride that is before you get to Mt. Rushmore. We rode it, and it takes you out to a point where you see Mt. Rushmore framed by the trees, then back to the start. It is an awesome view. And, of course, seeing Mt. Rushmore is rather impressive at the site itself.
Rapid City has lots of good restaurants and hotels. Besides the Black Hills you may want to see Devils Tower. Riding after dark can be a little exciting due to deer. Wendy Crockett lives in the area you may want to contact her for advice.
Boy I'll bet you get a lot of different opinions! Went back there to Big Johns Spearfish Ride and we just went out and kinda got ourselves lost a bunch. Somehow we wound up in Four Corners and I couldn't tell you how! If you like putting on wax and rubbing it off in 4th take 85 to Cheyenne Crossing then head up 14A to Spearfish. I left a few smiles there!
Went to Sturgis last summer and we stayed Travellodge by Wyndham in Spearfish. It’s right next to the highway, clean and has a great, helpful staff. Prices were very good as well. There are plenty of things to see. You can literally ride in any direction and have a terrific time. We did 1600 miles in five days and I would go again in a minute.
I make it a point of avoiding the entire area for at least 2 weeks on either side of the rally. EVERYTHING (rooms, food, etc.) costs more during the rally and the traffic ruins the experience.

Even room availability (at increased prices) is questionable the nearer you get. The last time I found a place 60 miles out of town but that was fine, since I was going for NP stamps. I was able to hit Wind Caves, petrified forest, painted desert, (Mt Rushmore being my exception since I always try to at least see it), Crazy Horse (not a NP... yet), and on to Devil's Tower. Did most of it a little over 2 weeks prior so vendors were starting to set up but traffic was only irritating (and by avoiding the main interstates - painted desert, then sort of w sw to wind caves, then up).
My wife and I ride the black hills every year as it is close to our home. Our recommendation would be to pick up a local black hills map at your hotel….they all have them. Best rides are spearfish canyon, another is starting at Custer State Park and riding the needles highway and Iron Mountain Road to Keystone. Devils Tower in wyoming is a must see (Starting at Sundance Wyoming). You will find lots of accommodations along the way. Enjoy!
All good advice. But the one road I did not see mentioned is the best motorcycle road in the Hills is Vanocker Canyon Road. It runs between Sturgis and Nemo. Spearfish Canyon is okay, low speed limit and lots of police officers there to enforce it. Vanocker has less traffic, even during the rally and a higher speed limit = more moto enjoyment.
The MC museum in Sturgis is worth a stop. Deadwood has lots of bars and restaurants. Minuteman was interesting. Definitely take the side trip through the badlands. Wall drug - meh. It was fun when I was a kid, but it is a decent enough place to stop for food when you come out of badlands.

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