***important*** Wfo-4 Update!!!

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Check for me + pillion was in the mail over a week ago. If the USPS can find the way from Meechigan to Seattle, we're good to go. Lookin forward to the adventure.... :D

BTW secure parking sounds great ! Won't need one of these now. :assasin:


I am afraid I will need to drop out for financial reasons (not the cost of the dinner). With 3 kids still in college I was suddenly hit with unexpected expenses that drained our kitty. Things like, "Dad, I crashed my car and I need $1000 to pay the deductible to get it out of the body shop". This was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I will miss you all and was really looking forward to it. I will cancel my hotel reservations at the Skagit tomorrow unless someone wants to grab it. :blink:

You could just get rid of the kitty. You know, "Sorry, honey, I seem to have _lost_ your cat"... :haha:

Thug, my comment was based on a friend who retired to a little island just South of Alaska......Hawaii. I figure that makes you just Southwest of Catalina (26 miles offshore of Los Angeles). So that would make you part of the "Western" area, right?

Rick and Karen..... :(

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I just got the ok to attend so I'm way behind the 8 ball on rooms ,dinner etc. Are dinner payments still being accepted by paypal ?

That is the question, isn't it? So Sharp, what are we up to on the dinner diners? :dntknw:

Dinner reservations went over the point of "no return" about 6 days ago.

A few fence sitters but I think the count yesterday reached 70. Far from what I expected but acceptable to get the bills paid.

Deadline is August 3rd. I have to have the final count in by then. At the very least let me know the check is in the mail or something if you are having specific problems.

Thanks to Warchild for pinning the rides. I appreciate it as I know you are very busy right now too.

I am unable to make it to all the boards right now so I am using FJRowners as the clearing house. Please check out


for updates.

Dan - sharp

Look forward to meeting all the FJR'er's This weekend... Get your $$ sent in...

Lets make this happen..ITS UP TO ME and YOU!!!

Sent $100 to paypals yesterday --- to fjr1300@gmail acct.

See ya all Friday Afternoon - Evening!!!


as usual, my procrastination got the best of me. Couldn't even be sure I was going because of work..but, now...I know I'll leave seattle bright and early saturday am to come play.

sigh..dinner..I'll just stand in the back of the room looking forlorn...drooling...looking...doing my best Homer Simpson impersonation..