Last Hurrah Tee-Shirts Now Available for order

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Mar 2, 2014
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"JP" has done an outstanding job fighting through the supply chain hiccoughs to come up with a variety of great Tee-Shirts for the "Last Hurrah"

You order and pay for your shirts here - - Shirts will be distributed at the Friday night Parking Lot Social that "JP" puts on (he is the great guy that caters the food and mixes the cocktails).

If you want a shirt and aren't going to be at LaPine, let us know and we will figure out how to get it to you after the event, might cost you a little postage.

The Men's Long Sleeve Shirt shows a few smaller sizes available at the moment but the vendor says they will update the availability once they have the shirt in stock again, somebody bought them out of all of their Large. X-Large, XX-Large etc....Supply Chain issues are real!



Note that we have Women's L/S and S/S shirts available as well,



No Wheaton you can't have a men's shirt in Hot Pink Coral!

I'm not going to be on the receiving end of another ass chewing from Miss "T" once was enough. JSNS!

Any extra pennies, nickels, dimes. quarters, dollars, etc. collected from the shirts will go to "JP" to help defray the costs of the Friday Night Social.


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Jun 30, 2015
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Bend, OR

In a scant 11 days your opportunity to be sporting one of these amazing shirts will be gone like a Vespa in your side mirror! This is it folks, time to get out that hammer and break little piggy cause that rainy day fund ain't earnin no interest but you wearing this shirt is sure to pique some!

As an added bonus I have decided that to sweeten the pot once the order closes, we are going to put everyone's name (that ordered a shirt) in a hat and whoevers name is drawn will get the highest priced item they ordered N/C compliments of yours truly.

No this is not going on under the cover of darkness and my wife is not the instant winner. In order to ensure we do not have any "stolen election" controversy this will occur at the Friday night social before your very eyes unless you bought a shirt and Mommy said you can't go hang out with all those grey haired ruffians down in La Pine, even then it's OK, you need not be present to win. I am only aware of one person with an overzealous Mom at this point,

So act now, don't be "that guy" sitting in the corner sporting your Rueben Run II shirt covered in 1000 Island Dressing stains, strut around like a peacock in your Last Hurrah finery!

I'll make it easy, CLICK THIS ---------->

Can't wait to see y'all!