Long-Distance Endurance MT10 Project

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Jun 8, 2005
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Tri-Cities, WA
Nice write up project. Question, only a 260 mile range? w the aux tank?

Correct. The MT-10 engine is notoriously thirsty right from the factory; after most owners have their ECU flashed for performance, mpg falls even further to 29-30mpg. So after flashing, low fuel light illuminates in 90-100 mile range. Obviously no good for Nevada purposes.

I bought the bike with the ECU already flashed, so I had it flashed back to factory specs. Between that, and dropping 2 teeth in the rear, I can get a consistent 34-35mpg, unless I go into Warchild-mode. A total of 8.8 gallons of fuel will have the low-fuel light illuminating somewhere at ~ 250-260 miles