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Ok, if you insist (Admin, maybe split this off?)
Original question asked and (over) answered. Free-for-all permitted at this point although it might be useful split into a TPMS discussion? (And an air pump discussion??) Or let it die a natural death...

The unit I was considering comes with a wrench for the "security" nut. Multiple pros and cons for battery powered vs external powered pumps. Some are dual...
If you have screw on sensors why does it matter if you screw them onto a straight or angled valve stem? Same weight either way and I'm sure the wheel doesn't know the difference.
Just curious.
The extra weight on the end of the angled stem is multiplied at speed due to centripetal force. Pushing down on the end of the stem puts much more force on one side of the seal vs the other and may cause the seal (between the base of the stem and the wheel) to leak. In essence, the arm on the angled stem behaves as a lever and the extra weight of the sensor on the end of the arm will make a leak far more likely.

Edit to add: This may or may not be a problem - opinions are somewhat divided. They are pretty universal with respect to not using rubber stems. The force applied to the base of your (angled) stem is proportional to the mass of the sensor, the length of the "arm" and the square of your speed. Also, you would need to make sure that the angled stem with the sensor attached does not hit anything...
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