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Robin Trower
Oct 29, 2009
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Spokane, Wa
Like many here I have a Morgan Carb Tune Pro to check and adjust my throttle bodies.

Has anybody noticed the graduations on the Carb Tune are 2 cmHg or 20 mmHg.

On page 3-9 in my 2017 service manual state the difference in vacuum pressure between the throttle bodies should not exceed 10 mmHg.

The Carb Tune is not sensitive enough to measure the service manual requirements.

It is like using tape measure when a micrometer is required.

I used to be an hardware configuration auditor at Boeing. Part of it included tool certification. I got kind of good at this job but got tired of the job because "here comes the badass auditor" wears on ya after a while. I am sure these days it wouldn't take long for me to drive them batshit once again.

Anyway what do you think of the assertion the Carb Tune is not sensitive enough to measure the service manual requirements?
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Don't worry much about the sync.. 🙂
It works only at idle😉It smooths out the idle.Since you opened the throttle and above 1500 rpms around has no any effect!😉🙂
I had an twinmax electronic unit for a while - I was getting wildly different readings depending on which way it was connected. As an engineer, it drove me crazy so I did some research and learned that it was measuring differential between the two sources but the sensor was only accurate one way (ie Port A had to be higher vacuum than Port B to get an accurate reading). I don't know if the newer electronic units have resolved that issue, but given your background, I'd check it out before spending a bunch of money on one.

I'm pretty happy with the results from my Carbtune.