MX Boot Resole & Repair, Corona Del Mar, CA

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Apr 19, 2007
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My Goretex TCX boots soles were completely wore out. The uppers and closures were still in great shape. And I hate to throw good stuff away so I checked around my area and could not find anyone who did street boot soles. Found lots of folks that did mx but not vulcanized street bike soles.

I remember reading in Rider mag about some California company that did what I needed. It took a little search but March 2019 issue in Gear Lab had just what I needed.

MX Boot Resole & repair

3401 East Coast Hwy

Corona Del Mar, CA 92625


[email protected]

I called Greg and he said send them down and he will check the boots out and give me the cost of to resole.

$19.00 later and the boots were on their way.

I wanted more of a MX sole but Greg the boots were not designed for that kind of a sole and that would create some problems. He emailed me a picture of the sole that he suggested. Perfect. $121.40 later which included the shipping back to me, I had a almost new pair of boots. The turn around time and workmanship were excellent.


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