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The dealer I purchase from normally has the parts guy handle this. He, unfortunately, passed away last week when someone ran him over while he was riding. They're not in a giving mood :(
I'll try the other Yamaha dealer closer to me. Their parts department guys know me pretty well. I'm not holding my breath, but the worst they can say is "no, sorry"

Picked up a couple of cans of spray cleaner / polish from my dealer to throw into the swill, I can get them to you in Montrose


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I'm bringing a cooling vest for the swag party.

Someone might appreciate it on the ride home across the desert.

All packed and heading out tomorrow. Looking forward to finally meeting some old time FJRForumites.



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I have a line on six sets of Denali D2 lights. The giveaway would be about $100 discount. So, the cost would be $280 shipped.

Scored a new helmet and some other goodies today.
On the road in the morning early to avoid some of the heat.


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