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Sep 5, 2005
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Creston, CA

23-01-28 Regulator/Rectifier Connector Replaced​

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Been noticing a slow RR output voltage droop.
What used to 14.3, 14.4 at 4k rpm with minimal load is now 13.7, 13.8.

Last time I had the RR output connector off, noticed it *easily* came off and on, almost
as if the connector metal fingers had spread open.

So thought I'd start there...

This is a RoadsterCycle harness that goes straight to battery via fuse.
The kit harness comes with connectors installed.
No OEM wiring harness voltage drops using this method.

It's been in service for years now..

Lets be sure to get the wiring correct with some As Found pics..

Solid red wire to right with connector latch topside.

The terminals are crimped and soldered. Had to buy a new solder pen, my existing ones could not heat adequatedly.
Taped it up as nightfall was soon and this is a 'hot' wire direct from battery.

The old connector. RoadsterCycle did a great solder job, seriously said.

To extract pins, lift yellow guard up and away. Use a small flat bladed screwdriver.
Then use an flat extraction tool to depress the plastic 'tang' away from the connector pin.

It's a little tricky....

New connector installed!

RR cleanup time... Eliminate grunge for max cooling...

...and use good heat sink for max heat transfer!

Volts have risen! This pic with HID's on, at idle. The true voltage is 14.2.
The radar detector voltmeter is notorioulsy inaccurate...
The red LED meter connects directly to battery.

Full load. All LED's on, high beam, brakes. 13.8 good enough!

Forgot to mention that the new connector is more 'snug'....

Time will tell if this really is the fix, but it's a good start!

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Sep 10, 2007
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Stanwood, WA
Well shit Don, I followed down the Roadster Cycle rabbit hole quite awhile ago now I'll have to be on the lookout again! Glad you find these things out for me!