RIP ionbeam - 10/7/23

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Happy to report here that Alan and Helen's 2015 FJR got a new home yesterday. It was a little sad extracting this beautiful, well cared for ES from the garage at their home, but equally joyous knowing the bike would be ridden again after two plus years of sitting.
The mice were evicted from the air cleaner and under the seat and there is some wiring needing repair due to their presence, but all in all the bike is in great shape. No surprise to those who know Alan. The familiar license plate shown below now hangs on the wall above Alan's workbench where, no doubt, many FJR related problems and solutions were discussed and resolved.

Had the privilege of spending several hours with Alan during an OEM get together. Really enjoyed getting to know him and though I'm a little late, I'm sad to hear this news. RIP my friend.
Kind of a nice follow-up report. Fellow NERDS guy (and BTW winner of the coveted FJR-NERDS Treasure Hunt trophy many years back) FJReady organized a winter DTE (Drive To Eat) in Concord, New Hampshire this past weekend.

We descended upon Hermanos Cantina for an afternoon soiree. The main idea was to get together with and support Alan’s longtime SO Helen. I can report that the entire affair was a complete success, notwithstanding bbdig being on a walker (due to doing stupid stuff) and having to navigate the non-cripple friendly access of the casa de Mexico.

As it happens, this was the first time most of us had set sight of each other since before the Covid thing. It was widely accepted that we all mostly looked the same, except for decreasing hair pigment, which seemed a common thing.

It was an unseasonably warm February day in New Hampshire, but nobody rode a bike to the restaurant. Someone remarked that if Alan had been there, he would have ridden. I think that’s right. Anyway, here’s the crew that made it:



Any that have made a trip to a NERDS rally in the past will recognize the usual miscreants. Apparently everyone is doing better than we should be, including Helen. (2nd back on the right in the 2nd photo).

It may please some of you that knew Alan that there will be plans made for this summer to commemorate his life and distribute his earthly ashes somewhere significant this summer. It was rather humbling that Helen asked us to be involved.

PS - Jane was behind the iPhone camera. She is doing well (better than Jack)
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