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Nov 9, 2005
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The Woods of Peardale, CA
Some of you old timers may remember Mark Eddy and his dog Duke and then Duchesses from the early Ruben runs in La Pine, Or. I have kept in touch with Mark via Facebook and rode with him in Arizona some years back.

His sister posted this on fb....

"I post with a heavy heart. My brother Mark passed on Friday. He was ill for the last four months and was doing well, but took a turn quickly. We are so grateful he had many people in his life who love him. He now rides in peace."
WOW sad news, had many a ride with make over the years, some memorable ones in Death Valley a few years back....

R.I.P. Mark, say hi to Duke from me.
Very sorry to read this, Doug. We met several times, and always with his little friend in that tricked-out side case dog carrier. Duke impressed me with how eagerly he'd run up when it was time to take off--almost climbed into the side case by himself! I've thought of Mark and his set-up many times, and most recently this very morning as my sister-in-law came over with her little white rescue dog and I thought about what a good riding buddy he'd make, using Mark and Duke as a model, of course. Very heartfelt condolences to Mark's family and many friends.
Condolences and best wishes to Mark's family and friends (I knew of him here on this forum, but never had opportunity to meet him).
I also recall telling others here in my friend circle about this FJR guy that rode around using his saddlebag as a tiny sidecar for his dogs!
Sad news. Unfortunately, time stops for no-one and most of us are most likely losing acquaintances faster then we are gaining them. Marcus was a good guy and always had a positive attitude. And Duke/Duchess were total chick magnets!
I’m just finding out about this today. I randomly looked him up on FB since I haven’t heard from him an awhile. We live in the same town.

Rest easy with Duke in heaven.
Never had the pleasure of meeting him or the dogs but often read his posts and enjoyed his pictures. My condolences to his friends and family. He came a cross as a genuine decent person and those are always missed.
I thought it was a little odd that he was riding with his dog in a modified saddle bag until I met Mark and Duke in person at a rally. Both of them were very cool and I'm sorry to hear this news.