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John Scottorn

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Feb 18, 2023
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South OxOn U.K.
I've pin pointed the huge sound differences being thrown back .
These are due to road surface changes and are magnified by the front mudguard🇬🇧/fender.
The fender acts like an instruments amplifier rather like that of a stringed instrument and the body of that instrument.
I've asked previously if others have had this problem and not all have., but of those who have had it and solved this, what have you done?
Could I add rubber vibration dampers twixt fender and forks?
Could I paint on the underside of the fender some glupe to stop the resonance?
Has anyone done anything to reduce the horrid noise I experience the dreadful drumming I get from some road surfaces?
Many thanks
John 😀👍🇬🇧
roar begins when front tire pressure gets down to about 37psi.

The manual says front s/b 36, but most find 40-42 feels firmer , lasts longer, and helps to eliminate checking. YMMV
There is spray-on sound-deadening stuff or even undercoating you could spray on the inside of the fender/mudguard. As you have already proven, almost anything that changes the resonance of that fender/mudguard helps. I have an extender attached to mine and that could be why I don't hear the racket on my 2016 ES.
Sometimes I think guys are concentrating on the bike more than the ride. It's a bike. Riding a motorcycle includes sights and sounds that are all part of the visceral stimulus of riding. Too much wind noise, too much heat, ride is too stiff, seat is not perfect, windshield makes buffeting, hands go numb, on and on.

And I won't get drawn into a "we can make it better debate". I have done mods but not because something has bugged me. Enjoy the ride or take the car.


BTW, the noise is 90% tire. Try a different brand. :giggle:
BTW, the noise is 90% tire. Try a different brand.

I should have known a sissy like you would still be using tires. Seasoned riders don't need tires...or saddles, or clutches, or handlebars, or brakes. They just ride the engine...uphill, sideways, against the rain. Windshield? Hah.
There are stick on sound deadening materials, like Stinger, that I've used on the inside of car doors and panels to quiet the road noise and squeaks. You could probably stick some of that on the inside of the fender with good effect.

Cut to whatever size you want and stick it on. Self stick and molds to the lines of whatever you're sticking it to.