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Motorcycle For Sale Scammers Beware

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Jun 21, 2005
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Regardless of WHO you are, if you come to another member with a PM and then try to shift them to an email conversation (with yourself or someone else), it will be perceived as another attempt to scam and your account will be perma-banned.

1. Post your sales publicly in the sale section. Same with the WANTED section.
2. If someone sends you a PM about an item for sale or that they (or someone else) are selling, REPORT IT using the report button, and explain it was a PM.
3. All this nonsense is seen as trying to bypass any checks that other members might provide if they are already aware of a scam account.
4. Moving to emails after a trail of conversations in a sale thread move forward is different than what is being described above.

WE still can't protect buyers from sellers as we simply don't have the means to fund everyone's transactions like an Amazon might. We WILL nail the accounts verified as scamming as soon as we find out and confirm.

This whack-a-Mole stuff gets old and we lose patience.
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