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El Toro

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Jun 9, 2008
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Cooke Vegas, TN
Russell Day Long also makes another version of their day long seat called the "Sport" seat and does not have the protruding upper thigh support wings. I've had an RDL seat on my last 4 bikes and it's truly a day long seat, but never I've never tried their Sport seat.. Anyone used a Russell sport seat?
I have not used one, but I've seen one in person. When I was out at Russell to have them make the seat for my K1600, one of the employees had a KTM 690 supermoto with a Russell seat on it, but without the usual tractor style. I asked about it, and he said that it was the sport seat. I think he said that it was not sprung like the regular Russell seats.

We kicked around the idea of making a seat of this type for my K1600, but in the end I went with the traditional tractor style.



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Dec 30, 2012
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Vancouver WA
For me Rich's Custom Seats is the only way to go. You tell him what type of riding you do and where the seat is giving you issues. Then he custom crafts a seat for you, you test ride it, any other changes are made them the skin of your chosen style is put on. I would highly recommend them to anyone.



Robin Trower
Oct 29, 2009
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Spokane, Wa
Yes, I did a search but, I’m looking for a little more current saddle info for my Gen III.
After another grueling 20 mile day, it’s pretty obvious this stock seat is doing injustice and insult to this wrinkled bag of bones I use for an ass. I know guys love their RDL’s. But I’ve been hanging off in turns for so long that it creeps me out to sit upright while banked over. And hanging off with an RDL looks like it would result in an unintended proctology event. So that leaves Sargent and Corbin. I had a Corbin on my Gen I and found it quite satisfactory (after using a sledgehammer and crowbar to get it fitted). Problem is, I despise dealing with the incompetent, lying shitbags at Corbin. Anybody have Sargent experience? Does it function with the Gen II/III height adjuster?
If comfort is your goal then the Russell can't be beat. I have one and it is the best farkle on my bike. I can move around on it a bit but it is not really designed that.

I road about 3 hours on the stock seat before it became a torture rack.

You might try a Bill Mayer saddle. The wings are not as wide. I found a photo of a Mayer saddle on a FJR for sale in the forum.


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