Sena SMH10 and Nolan N104 Helmet

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Oct 29, 2010
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Woodinville, WA
When I got my Nolan N104 helmet a couple of weeks ago, I also purchased the pricey B4 comm system that Nolan makes. After two returns to the manufacturer due to faulty ribbon cable, Revzilla was gracious enough to exchange it for a dual pack of the snowmobile version of the SMH10 (boom separate from mount). Past couple of weeks of riding with it, I could not be happier.

With regard to the install, I was real nervous about using the glue method to permanently attach the Sena. So I decided to dremel a slot on the detachable plastic rim so I could use the clamp method. Below are some pictures of the install in case anyone is interested. If in the future I decide to sell the helmet, I figured I could order another detachable plastic rim to give helmet that new look feel.


Sena mount in same position the Nolan NCOM unit would be


Sena speakers fit perfectly in the N104 speaker slot


Tuck the wires underneath the helmet lining




I am thinking that the standard Sena SMH10 (non-snowmobile) with the boom attached would work as well. However with the snowmobile version I can position the boom on the other side where the helmet has a special slot to hold the oem boom. So in the end, I am glad I went with the snowmobile version.

Final comments on the Nolan B4 Comm system. I think Nolan design is severely flawed. The keypad on the Nolan is attached via a ribbon cable to the control unit. If that ribbon cable becomes loose while traveling, one can not turn off the device without removing the battery which requires tools to unscrew the plastic rim. Happened to me when I was 1/2 hour into a 2 hour ride and down volume stopped working. Pressed the up volume and was stuck for the next 1.5 hours with the damn radio blasting in my ears [i did not have the hex wrench]. Fortunately I had earplugs to limit the damage to my ears. Thanks [insert your preferred spiritual belief] for Revzilla. There customer support is absolutely amazing.

What a coincidence - I just did tha same thing with my N104, except I got the earbud version with detachible boom mike. I kinda dreaded making that slot, but it turned out perfect. Really no other decent way to mount the Sena on that helmet. :)

I'm thoroughly enjoying my N 104 and decided to go with the Sena also. Too many issues and $$$ for the Nolan N-Com. Like others before me, some cosmetic surgery was required to get the Sena to fit, but it's in there and sounds great. Pairing with my iphone was a breeze!