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Try to both see and hear them in person to avoid an expensive mistake..

Two Brothers Black Series Carbon cans flipped my switch.






Thanks for posting those pics FastSpy. It reminds me I bought the 2 Bros M5/CF right after seeing your pics about 7,000 miles ago.

I am totally satisfied with them. The way down low growl of these are music to these old ears. Absolutely love the sound.

They don't look to bad either.

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I have a set of the D&D SS aluminum mufflers and midsection pipes that I just pulled off of my 2008 FJR. The previous owner, according to his son, bought them to replace the left (sitting on the bike) pipe that suffered a very minor ding in the end of the stock muffler. Picky, to my benefit. (God Rest His Soul; he passed away last fall from cancer, of course)

I put 100 miles on them since buying the bike 3 weeks ago, and switched them out for the stock ones. Now I have the dent to contend with, but I prefer the quiet whine of the stock system. The throaty pitch is cool, no doubt, but I can't see long rides with that tone. That is why I don't like running with Harleys.

If you are interested, maybe we could do some bartering. I even have the box they came in, along with the packing and original receipt. Hell, the tail cones aren't even dirty. I'll send a pic if you'd like. (if I can figure out how. I don't see the option in this Fast Reply section...)

Sure, I'd like to see photos of them if possible. My left pipe is dinged as well. I think it happened while at the dealer but I can't prove it. I know for sure that I didn't do it and it sure looks like something worse than any rock could produce. Feel free to email me if you want: [email protected]

Like someone said on this board, I love my bike and my woman, but I don't want to hear either of them all day long.

I bought a used FJR with Muzzy cans. I traded them for stocks. I must be the only one here hoping even quieter cans than stock.

Thanks for posting those pics FastSpy. It reminds me I bought the 2 Bros M5/CF right after seeing your pics about 7,000 miles ago.

I am totally satisfied with them. The way down low growl of these are music to these old ears. Absolutely love the sound.

They don't look to bad either.
Guess I'm reviving an old thread. I've a 2010 (maybe 7 months old). Love it but wish it just had a sportier sound -- I love my R6 because when I romp on the throttle, you hear it and it sounds good (stock muffler).

I'm really wanting the Two Brothers (in aluminum due to price) and thinking of getting the P1 tip for 3-4dB noise reduction.

So I hear mixed sound reviews -- it's hard to judge sound based on youtube videos. Maybe a relative comparo is good.

I had a 2008 FZ6 with Scorpions -- these are a little loud but not bad (always rode with earplugs).

Same 2007 Vstar 1300 with Roadhouse slipon -- that was too freaking loud; couldn't stand it, sold it and put the drilled OEM back on. But it did sound mean

I have a 2009 R6 OEM muffler and it sounds good

So I'm wondering if Two Brothers will be just too loud for me.



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I have some Muzzy titanium oval slip-ons if someone might be interested. Bought them middle of last summer. I went with a holeshot header full system.

I have carbon fiber series Leo Vinces. About half the weight as the stock units. I installed them at the same time as the Power Commander. Much improved throttle and response.

I very much liked the sound when I got them, but that was almost 40K ago. Recently they started to get lauder and louder-then very loud. It became annoying, but sort of fun, for a while. After a visit to San Francisco, and the fun of riding with blown out pipes in the town, echoing between the buildings, it was time to deal with it. These pipes now come with a removable quiet baffle, but did not when I got mine. A little research, a phone call to Leo Vince, and I got a set. In my case the retro fit required drilling a small hole, for the 5 mm screw that holds them in place... But that is not the fun part.

The nice man at Leo Vince informed me that they recommend repacking them every 15K or 20K! and that I definitely needed to do it. Well, I haven't done that job in over 20 years, but didn't remember it as a difficult thing. Since the factory repack kit was very pricy, I found some nice bulk pack steel wool (To wrap the core) and after market glass mat for the final wrap. Taking the cans off is a ten minute deal, but drilling out the rivets takes a nice new bit and some effort. Still easy.

The internet is loaded with instructions, and the Leo website has instructions as well... but none of them even suggest the volume of soot that you will encounter! Now I know how a chimney sweep feels!

The whole job, removal, disassembly, clean out, repack, re-assembly (Requires a pop rivet tool), and re-install took about 1.5 hrs, and one beer (Faster next time). The clean up of soot from the garage went on for about 2 days! If you do this, and it is fun, consider serious containment, wear clothes you do not care about and get yourself serious rubber gloves! Or, do this much more often like they recommend-or both. This job has really serious and recognizable results. Start with ridiculously loud pipes, finish with mellow, lovely sounding pipes. satisfying, and really, really makes the neighbors happy.

The freshly packed cans were as new, a pretty nice, medium sound. With my now installed quiet baffles, only a bit louder, but much nicer than stock. Frankly, I like them quieter, much less intrusive when riding. I used to like the growl, now I like the quiet.

Now that I know the routine, and have spent way to much time researching packing materials, I look forward to doing it again.

How much for Muzzys?

Titanium sounds pricey?


I paid 900.00 last summer. I'd let them go for 400.00 if somebody wants them.
Doesn't sound like a bad deal for year old Muzzys.

I already installed a set of Two Brothers M2 Aluminum. Haven't had a chance to ride to test them yet due to snow.



I put on some Delkavic's and while they look nice, shorter and the sliced tip, the noise at 130/140 kmph on a longish trip was more than I could put up with. I even bought the so called quieter baffle but still too much. OK around town or short jaunts but long trips for days just too loud.
I picked up this full Muzzy system for about $ from Muzzy. love it. Make sure you get an oval can... round cans look a little funny on the big FJR. Nice smooth exhaust note with the optional "quiet baffle". There's a lot of nice options for FJR exhaust.

I would probably go with the Muzzy too if I didn't already have the Staintunes on my 2006.
I'm running the Beowolf and I like them really well, good quality and not overly loud. Only got them because another member here wanted to trade.

That said, as Jeff said. If I was buying It'd be the Remus Hexacones.
Ran the carbon fiber Beowolf oval cans on my silver '11 FJR. When I got my '16 Cobalt Blue FJR, purchased stainless Beowolf cans with the carbon fiber cap.

They give the FJR a nice note... no need to remove the baffles. Great sound on acceleration, nice and calm when cruising. Two other pluses... the price is good and they're British (a nod to the BSA I had back in the day). Another plus... delivery was super quick from the UK... less than 10 days (not sure that would happen in today's situation).

P.S. Have the Remus silencers on my '19 K1600 GT... great sound but be prepared to pay double the price of the Beowulf cans.
I have Staintunes and love them, without baffles. What I really like about them is you never have to repack, they are welded together instead of looking like a beer can held together with pop rivets on each end, and they have a dedicated mounting tang welded to the muffler versus the Home Depot plumbers clamp that most have.

And they are polished Stainless Steel. Very classy.

Alas you have to find them used as they are no longer in production. The company has been bought from the original owners but so far they are unresponsive as to continuing to build these anymore.IMG_1816.JPG
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