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Actually... not a programmer but an operator of the time (IBM 1401, 360/65, 360/70 and even a Vax 11/780 in the mix). But we move on and use the shift keys we now have available.

Pascal and C cured me of all caps.

LOL! Not many of us left! My COBOL days are well behind me!
As a test, I duplicated a project we were doing in COBOL using FORTRAN. Even with it's "poorer" text manipulation, the FORTRAN program was about 2" of keypunch cards while the COBOL one took a whole box. It's setting up all those preparatory hoo haws and it's verbosity (so the boss could think he understood programming).

Now parse all of THAT and tell me how old I really am! LOL

Actually there werer VT100s available to students but they would be stacked 5 deep when project deadlines approached. I had access to a keypunch machine at work and during lunch would TCB. I could go into the lab, submit my card box, go over and sit reading a novel, and the operators would put my results in the window when done. My routine never changed because I was the only one still doing cards.
Post some pics, and welcome to the club, so to speak!
Keith Q
(temporarily chilly) North Texas
2019 FJR1300A
Hi Keith!

Finally a nice day to get out for a bit. Here’s a couple of pics. Love the smuggler courtesy of Danh650!


  • D358E92F-9685-4004-989F-7A220E1C4C7D.jpeg
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  • 6D7081F6-2AF2-42BB-990D-529856862090.jpeg
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  • 430748A8-706D-4798-83F5-06579DCD3B36.jpeg
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  • FB60A6F5-72AD-40C5-8569-F4D30E5CB45B.jpeg
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Wow, it must be like how they filmed Lord of the Rings for the Hobbits, but in reverse, using forced perspective!

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