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Motorcycle For Sale ***SOLD***Time to find a new home for my 2014 FJR ES

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Oct 18, 2008
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Eastern PA
Thank you to the Forum and to Dave for the sale. I know that it has gone to a great new owner!

Time to face the reality that I'm getting old and my reflexes and situational awareness are not what they once were. Selling my loved and well taken care of 2014 FJR ES.
24,056 Miles, Garage Kept, Excellent Condition, Original Owner. Local cash sale please. Asking $9500

Many features and extras including:

Electronic suspension
Electronic cruise control
Heated grips
Electronic adjustable windshield
Cee Bailey aftermarket windshield and stock windshield included
Cee Bailey headlight protectors
Original bag liners
Fog lights
USB port
Voltage gauge
Pazzo brake and clutch levers
Tank Bra
Alarm system
Back-Off brake lights
Heated Gear Connector
Fuze Block auxiliary fuse box
2 Brothers carbon fiber exhaust and stock exhaust Included
Russell Day-Long seat with removable rider backrest
Frame Sliders
Saddlebag guards
Ventura soft rear pack system with 50 Liter pack
Bike Cover
Yamaha Service Manual


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