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Nov 5, 2007
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Sacramento, CA (honest)
I first saw one of these at a Progressive Motorcycle Show at the San Mateo fairgrounds--sorry to say NorCal doesn't rate being on that show's circuit anymore. But the first time I saw this thing I loved it and bought it there, with free shipping when bought at the show. It's perfect for me, crowded garage, just a spot in the driveway (at least it's behind a gate). It's made of a waterproofed canvas that lasts about four seasons before it gets brittle and weak. They sell replacement covers for a lot less than the whole shelter, and the frame is still fine. I'm guessing I bought it in maybe 2008, so I've replaced the cover 3 or 4 times. It's so much better than a regular bike cover. You just roll in and pull it down over the bike. No concern about hot pipes, it's rainproof, out of sight, out of the sun.

Last week we had a hell of a storm, and I'd already noticed the tent was getting old. Figured it would make it through one more summer, but it didn't make it through that storm. I got online and ordered--the wrong thing. What I ordered by mistake turned out to be a "rain fly" kind of thing that was designed to mount OVER the complete cover to protect it from UV and extend its life. So I emailed them and told them my story and asked if I could return the first thing and order the right one. He wrote me back and thanked me for my loyalty and told me to keep the rain fly, no charge. Also told me he'd send the part I wanted "and forget it ever happened." Got it right away and put it over my frame, but no invoice, no bill. So I wrote him back today and I told him thanks for the quick service and I'd send payment off once he gave me a figure.

His reply: "NOPE. No need. Thanks for being part of the family." !!! Holy cow. So the VERY least I can do is pass the word about the most amazing customer service ever. Hell, I ordered the wrong piece to start this whole thing off. As for the product, I love it, and use it every single time I'm out on the bike. Couldn't be easier to use and couldn't do a better job of what it does. My rating for Speedway Shelters: 5 stars (out of 5) for the product, WAY more than 5 for the customer service!


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Jun 28, 2005
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Tri-Cities, WA
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