Tech Day XXV - October 1, 2022 in Marysville, OH

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Apr 10, 2008
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Marysville, OH
It's time once again for the best-damned midwest FJR Tech Day EVER!

Edition #25 will be in sunny, beautiful, Marysville, Ohio, and will be hosted by me and Sooze, which means that I'll open the garage doors and Sooze will make sure everyone is well fed.

Plan on Saturday, October 1, 2022, for this soiree. For folks who cannot make this a day ride, or have serious stuff to do on their bikes and want / need to stay the night Friday and / or Saturday, we have plenty of floor space and a few inflatable mattresses. And cats. We have cats. Plenty of cats. We also have plenty of back yard for anyone who wants to throw down a tent. There are also hotels in Marysville that are much less "memorable" than the place TimDOG stayed at in Owosso. I'll open the doors on Friday afternoon-ish.

Post up if you are coming. Please include:
1. When you plan on arriving and if you are staying overnight. That helps the innkeepers to plan and stuff.
B. What you're looking to do to your bike. Plan on wrenching on your own bike with folks nearby who have already either broken what you're working on or have completely screwed the pooch on what you're working on. If you're not sure what parts you will need for whatever you wanna do to your bike (say, a valve check or a fork rebuild), the sooner you speak up, the sooner you can get parts advice.

The Brain Trust usually brings most tools needed to get most jobs done. I have these things in the garage called 'tools' that ... well, other than the metric screwdrivers, I'm not really sure what they are or how to use them, but other people have used them and their bikes (mostly) ran, so that's good.

If you need tires, speak up so that we can try to have a tire changer there. Otherwise, there may not be one. One thing we learned last year, thanks to FJRPittsburgh, is that Cycle Gear on the west side of Columbus is The Place if you have a sudden, unplanned need for a new tire.

As a reminder, if you wanna do a valve check, plan on getting there Friday or trailering your bike. The engine has to be stone cold to do a valve check. If you don't have a shim kit, we'll try to have one available.

If you wanna ship parts there ahead of time, speak up so we can get ya the shipping address. And if you haven't been to this little patch of Ohio, let me know so I can get you the address.

If you want a hotel, here are some options:
Hampton Inn - I've had family stay here and they said it was nice.

GrayRay has stayed at this Super 8 and did not have a TimDOG experience.

JWilly and his better half stayed at this Holiday Inn Express.

There is also a Quality Inn.

There is a fairly new Fairfield Inn.

And there is a new Home2 Suites that's nice. Sooze and I have stayed there a couple of times and it was pretty nice.

Looks like there is an airbnb in town as well. I know nothing of this other than what's in the link.

There is also another airbnb at a winery / brewery aboot 5 minutes from the house, but it doesn't look like they have both nights (Friday and Saturday nights) open. I have been in this place, we have had family stay there, and we know the owners. FYI - their parking is all gravel.

We do have plenty of yard space for tents. If huron52 wants to bring his big-ass RV trailer down, we have plenty of room in the driveway. Also, speaking of RVs, if anyone has an RV and is a member of Harvest Hosts, the folks at the winery / brewery are a member of that as well.