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Jun 15, 2010
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Decatur, Al
Through the years of having the FJR 1300 and owning them, was there a year or model that stand out as the best?
Agreeing with harper...but out of the four I've owned, my '09 was the best. Should have never sold that machine!

Through the years of having the FJR 1300 and owning them, was there a year or model that stand out as the best?
I have a 03 with 170+k miles and it runs great, but there is a 2014 with 21k that is set up nice. So I was curious being you can’t go wrong with the FJR, was there a year that was liked over the other. That said, Ive been a first gen lover. And I had and miss my pristine 05, my 03 is great .
My 04 (Oz version) was fantastic and quick, my 09 was not as fast but still lots of fun. I currently have a Fat Boy (For sh*ts anf giggles, heavy kn thing it is) but seriously thinking of going back to the FJR, just something about them that has and still does, captured my imagination and a whole heap of great memories!
My first '05 was too flimsy. Couldn't stand up to a big pile of granite rocks. Got to really love the electronic shift on my '09 after a while, but I missed the CC 'cuz it came along after I had it on the '14. And that red on the '14 sure was pretty. But I'm really starting to like my new '23.

Later, let's talk about windscreens. ;)
I have only owned one, my '05. I was surprised at how capable it is from the first time I rode it, but I think that's true for all FJRs. Mine has over 150,000 miles on it and never gave me any trouble. I enjoyed every mile. The only thing I would prefer would be less heat on the rider, and I understand that the '06 and newer have improved in that.
You guys are all full of "Donkey Doo"! This is a trick question to pit us against each other! 🥵 Can't you see that? 👓 We all know (In our hearts) the 06 is the Best, Simplest, Fastest, and just THE most beautiful color FJR EVER!! Just be men and admit it!!! :cool:


P.S. None of you guys know where I live.... right? ✌️
What's wrong with you guys. No one has mentioned the 2006, first year of Gen 2 , best looking and Fastest Blue yet!! Who needs CC, Heated grips, slipper clutches , ride modes or say it isn't so ....... a sixth gear!
Very happy with mine, added Grip heaters for my hands, 1" bar risers for my wrists and a Corbin seat for my back side and a 190 tire for my speedometer.

Sorry Pete-O missed your post. Ditto I say.