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New MC show being promo'd tonight on Speed:

Superbikes! on Tuesdays.

Looks a bit squiddy.

- Ebert
I saw it last night... it WAS squiddly. A bunch of 30-somethings stuck in their reckless 20-somethings with very little tatoo-able space left enhancing the image of motorcycling by terrorizing the streets of Oakland. B) pfft.
From Speed TV's program description:

"SPEED translates the exciting world of high performance motorcycles to television on “Super Bikes!”, a thirty-minute television series dedicated to the high revving, tire shredding, wheel standing world of sport bikes, the most exhilarating machines on the planet."

Sounds like squid central to me. I watched it and thats 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back :(
I watched it for about 20 minutes before swithching channels...Pathetic!