This hopefully will keep mice outa my air cleaner.

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Jun 26, 2007
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Franklinville, NJ
It won't do anything about wires & hoses though. :angry:

Think the A/F ratio will be whacked from the constriction? :rolleyes:


I pretty much do, but with three bikes now, saddle time is spread out.

I need to fix up the shed a bit this summer and try to thwart their entry in the first place.

I think the snow this winter drove just them inside.

For what it's worth I keep moth balls around my bike at all times. Just empty a box on the floor in your garage/shed. It seems to be doing the trick. I heard of this from a farmer in the area and it seems to be working so far.

I plug in a couple Victor electronic repellers in my motorhome. Seems to work. Blister pack is less than $15

For what it's worth I keep moth balls around my bike at all times. Just empty a box on the floor in your garage/shed. It seems to be doing the trick. I heard of this from a farmer in the area and it seems to be working so far.
This is also what I do in my non-heated moto room. Also may want to try dryer sheets, dont' know if it works cuz I use dryer sheets and moth balls, have'nt had mice this year, so far. So something must be working! This winter was hard on the animals, I had alot of mice in my cabin. Now it seems my cabin will be smelling of moth balls and dryer sheets...

Mice used to love camping out in my covered boat out in the yard. Nice and dry and all sorts of cool stuff to chew up. Then I started putting moth balls into a couple of open cigar boxes in the boat under the cover. Like magic, no more mice mess. It does make the boat (or shed) smell strongly like mothballs, but that's not as bad as mouse poop.

Also, the cigar boxes are required by mouse law, so you get to tell your wife that's why you are ordering (and smoking) all those boxes of cigars. ;)

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I have struggled with the same issue, and I am trying the mothball fix right now. I found some at Rite Aid that are packaged in little pouches and are 'cedar scented', although they don't smell much like cedar, they do smell a little better than the regular mothball smell.

Last fall as I began to disasseble my mc in preparation for repainting, I had the hardest time getting started. I couldn't get the seat off. The key would only turn part way and not enough to unlatch the seat. After much delicate futzing and fiddling (I didn't want to break the key off inside the lock), it finally released. What I found was the whole chamber around the under seat lock tumbler, as well as the air cleaner was chock full of acorns. You can read the link and see the photos here:

I am sure some rodents went hungry this winter because I trashed their stash of nuts. Man, what a PIA.

So far so good with the mothballs.... give it a try.

My wife and I have used dryer sheets in our pop-up camper and the mice stay out. But I also have some moth balls in a tub under the camper as well.


Move to Kali and just ride year round? :coolsmiley02:
Won't help.

I ride year 'round (and almost daily) here and I still ended up with my air filter looking like this:


In case it doesn't look familiar, what the mice put in my filter is poison bait. Needless to say, they never made it back to use their stash. :devil:

I made the same screen for the bike a few years ago, and it appears to have worked very well. If I do a service in the spring, I take it off and put it back on for the winter months. Otherwise, I've not noticed any difference in performance.

Got my air cleaner filled just like the above, and finally went to a screen. Easy fix.


Stupid mice. I hate mice. If I had the money I would put a bounty out on mice.

I attempted to use the battery tender connection installed by a previous owner. No luck. So removed seat to get at the battery, but as all of you know the battery is hidden somewhere else. Duh. But I found the two wires that terminate just below the gas tank and cross over the space beneath the seat were chewed on by a mouse. The copper was still in pretty good shape, just the insulation was stripped off. Of course the open area between the seat and the plastic storage dividers were packed full of non-yamaha components so someone must have been living in there.

I already have traps set up in the garage, but they apparently were not very effective. It did not help that I was inadvertently feeding them by way of a box of bird mix consisting of suet and seeds. MIL gave them to us when she moved a year or two ago and I stupidly kept them. Gone now!

The battery charging problem does not seem related to the mouse problem. The fuse in the battery tender connector was blown. Changed fuse and now working fine.

I wrapped one of wires with a piece of shrink wrap to put a barrier between the wires and put a healthy layer of liquid tape over both of them. A better fix could have been done if I cared to cut the wires and slide shrink wrap over each one, but was reluctant to cut wires so we will see how it goes.

Back to the mice. Added more traps, one specifically where I saw one dodge away when the garage lights were turned on. Peanut butter in the trap and the next morning I had no trap. Later found it a few feet away wedged between a work bench and a shelf. Only its head was left in the trap. Cut off clean at the neck. I believe some cannibalism was at play.

War has been declared. No prisoners.
Cut off clean at the neck. I believe some cannibalism was at play.
Bait your mousetrap with,,,,

I have occasional mouse issues in my attic. I caught maybe 10 over a period of a couple of weeks (regular traps with peanut butter). Nothing in the past week or so and I am hoping they are done. If they haven't found somewhere warm for the winter by now, I shouldn't have any new stock coming in until spring...

So far, I haven't had a bike molested by mice in my garage. Definitely worthwhile to have traps set around the bike and keep attractants (like birdseed) out of the garage. People have claimed that mothballs, dryer sheets and even peppermint oil are effective deterrents. YMMV.
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I live rural so mouse problems are always going to be a thing. Some years better, some years worse. When I moved back into my house several years ago after living out of state I was surprised at how little mice problems I had. Still left traps in the garage and shop. They seem to filter through the garage before going into the house.

Then I realized the neighbors had two cats that visited regularly. Worked well for a few years, not my cats, not my problem to take care of them, just reaped the benefits. It just now occurred to me I do not see the cats much anymore. Do not know if they are getting old or just gone, but they were probably keeping my mouse population down.
We have a problem with rats here in So. Cal. So many cars are being towed to repair shops with their wiring harnesses chewed up (my wife's car was one of them). We tried rodent spray (made of a mix if peppermint oil, hot pepper extract, and a bunch of foul smelling stuff), we have lights on around the house, we added little electronic gadgets that emit sounds and are flashing in our car's engine bays, moth balls, peppermint oil soaked cotton balls, etc. - they all work. - For a short wile. After that the critters get used to them, and make themselves right at home again in the supposedly hostile, stinky and noisy environments (to them). They are the most persistent animals imaginable. Our neighbors have gardens and fruit trees, so there is plenty of food to eat for them all year around besides wiring harnesses. And of course, little motivation for them to look other places to stay when everything is provided for them in the neighborhood.

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