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Oct 8, 2022
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Eden Prairie, MN
My Throttlemeister wasn't adequately holding the throttle snug. I'd set it at 70 mph and a few minutes later, realized I was only going 55 or so. I disassembled the whole thing to see what made it operate and tried to make adjustments to make it just right, adjustment wise. It's a black art, I think. Anyway, upon reassembly, I found that I had cut a couple of the smaller o-rings that get squished together, expand, and secure the whole thing in the handlebar end. These aren't exactly real o-rings, they don't have a round section. They're more like flat on one side, round on the other. Does anybody know what these actually are? Where to look for them? Can an o-ring of the correct size replace these things? I've tried McMaster-Carr to no avail. Is this a plumbing item? TIA!
Remember the Throttlemeister is NOT cruise control, it's a throttle lock. It's job is to give your right hand a rest every now and then. It will NOT hold your speed at 70mph if you set it there. It will speed up or slow down depending on the grade you're on.

I think the little o-rings in there are probably standard sizes. You should be able to measure the groove widths and groove diameters with calipers and use an o-ring chart to determine the sizes.

When I had one I machined a bushing and trimmed it until I got the fit I wanted.

I have attached a .pdf copy of their instructions if that helps at all.


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I guess I misunderstood which O-Ring the inquiry was about. Sorry for the confusion.
I bought a used set of TM’s from a forum member and all O-rings on them were deformed from a previous installation, so they needed to be replaced.
Internally the TM uses two o-ring sizes that fit on the posts that slide into the handle bar ends. I don’t know the size of those, but I was able to find suitable ones at a local hardware store’s plumbing section.
The garden hose gasket I used was for the throttle-side bar end to which the TM presses against when engaged.