Tire inflation for a bigger tire

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Same pressure for a similar MC tire.  Might get away with a couple PSI less if you wanted.  Do whatever you feel most comfortable with but I would keep it in the range of 38 to 43 psi.  Might want to go to the lower side if you are starting out on a cold morning but expect to see temperatures in the 90's later on.  Again, no different from what I would do with the stock 180.

Yep, same pressure in the 190 as the 180.  I (as do most) prefer up around 40 psi, checked cold.  Don't be anal about it, tire pressure varies as much as 10 psi from cold to hot while riding.

Having once worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber I can advise you to go to the higher cold tire pressure. If you under inflate a tire it will build up pressure much more than a correctly inflated tire. Friction is greater on under inflated tires and that translates to heat and higher PSI. I always use 42psi for rear 190/55 and 39psi in front tire. I ride one up at all times.