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Arrhythmia and Blues
Jul 7, 2005
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San Antonio, Tx
Wail, I was sitting at a long light here in S Texas today...my current ride is an old school air/oil cooled '99 Suzuki Bandit 1200S, and it audibly ticks quite a bit compared to new bikes when it's scorching outside...It has 6K on it, is tuned to perfection and I can be a handicapped miscreant occasionally...I had to smile as I thought about the paranoia of getting a "ticker" FJR after waiting 7 months to get the bike 20 years ago, and listening intently the first couple of months for the dreaded tick, which never came...on the bike...however, Ticker and Waiter did have another life as adjectives for me ,as it turns out, but, for the most part, like most shit I'm paranoid about, most of it doesn't happen, never comes to pass, or if it does, there are options and I somehow survive...I fall a lot but I always manage to fall forward...IIRC there were a few tickers that needed work but it was only a couple and faded away as folks started racking up big miles on them quickly...I could be wrong, hell, I like pepto bismal on corn flakes...but It's still a killer platform as evidenced by its continued manufacture...looking back on it, the anticipation was completely justified the first time you pinned the throttle in 2nd and it felt like sitting on a velvet rocket! So, tip your waiters, be good to your tickers, and onward through the fog!