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I should be able to say my flight home was uneventful and a nice nap, but it wasn't. Due to some rain in DFW, they shut down the airport. Nice. So we circled over Wichita Falls for awhile waiting. That led to us running low on fuel, DFW wasn't open again yet, and WF was filling up with other airplanes in the same situation, so off to Abilene we go. Yee-haw! Landed there and had to wait for fuel, wait for another flight plan, wait to be allowed to take off again. And they wouldn't let us off the plane. Once all that was finally over, we got into DFW to wait some more. Now all the gates are backed up and we don't have an open one to pull up to.
2 hours later than when we were originally due to arrive, I am FINALLY off the plane, got my luggage and am headed home. Airplane seats suck too, but not as bad as the back seat of the FJR! My poor rear end!

I'm working on my pics and should get the gallery done hopefully today. 345 shots in 3 days! Not all of them will make the public forum, especially that one of 2 certain gentlemen mooning my camera!! :eek: Guess I won't be leaving my camera unattended anymore around those 2! :lol:
You let Turbo Dave have your camera? :fans:

Home safe in San Diego.

I'd like to post a separate thread about my experience at WFO, appreciation to the staff, and shout out to all the great people I met, but as far as the trip back...

Left on Sunday morning and while experiencing the worst God-awful heat ever, I turned off in Vegas and spent the best $35 ever! Entrance to the spa at the Venetian hotel. I went from miserable on the road to a great shower and a cool dip in the pool. The plan was to keep busy and cool in Vegas until late afternoon/early evening when the heat died. The only problem was that it was still 100 degrees at 11:30 at night when I finaly left and pulled the all nighter. An our of sleep and off to work.

(vol210) and I (tjgraves)returned Sunday pm... in Western Washington ---Excellent Ride!!

The Water soaked Vests were well worth the weight.... HOT - 102 - 110 deg in places....

Smokin Farkle... .. FYI... the RMR unit saved us several times.... wink!! ( I have this mounted on the front and rear of my FJR )

whoops, not quiet legal in Utah... Thanks for the Fun and Laughs!!!

Sincerely Tim

I left PC 0730, took my sweet time, caught up with Scott from Big Bear having breakfast in some small town on U.S. 89.

Between Cedar City and Mesquite it got real hot real fast so I holed up in the Casablanca casino for 4 hours waiting for the sun to start to go down [heat riding no fun for me].

Then I rode the last 120 miles for the day and stayed over at Whiskey Pete's and got home today about 10:00.

I saw 2 FJR's in the Primm Chevron parking lot last night at about 8:45 but I was too tired to go over and say hi. I was making a beer run which I badly needed at that point.

Left on Sunday morning and while experiencing the worst God-awful heat ever...
Exactly why I took off Saturday night. With just my microfiber Dockers and Cool microfiber FJR forum fundraiser long-sleeve under the windproof liners in my Cycleports, I was very comfortable all night and as far as Dardanelles on Sonora pass, where I zipped out the liners and enjoyed the mesh for the remainder of the trip, getting home before the temp passed 95.

We're back...13 hours straight... 97 to 105 degrees,,,,, lane sharing for three hours from Donner Pass to Vaccaville,,,,Where's the sign up sheet for Denver????? :rolleyes:

Back in the OC yesterday 12h 45min.

Uneventful slab ride through miserable heat.

Not enough can be said about the planners of the event; exceptional!

WFO-5 (great) WFO-6 (even better) NAFO-1 (the best is yet to come)

I made it into Portland, OR around dinner time yesterday and promptly crashed out with my new hosts. Thanks to everyone who I got to ride with over the weekend, especially Galaxy Blue, Bob Vail, Iggy, Ironmaiden, Big Chief.

I left WFO at 0300 local and arrived in Sierra Vista, AZ 898 miles, 14 hours 12 minutes later. My first WFO and I had a blast. I am so looking forward to the NAFO in Denver next year.

I left about 9am local and headed to Wendover and then down 93. Stopped in Ely for Chinese and then down into the real heat. I amused myself for about an hour sucking in as much ice cold water as possible and blowing it downwards for a mini shower. Judged the heat by the number of bars, was at three bars from just south of Ely to Vegas, which I hit at about 4pm. I hit the traffic jam about 5 miles from the CA border and split lanes to CA. That's where she hit 4 bars for quite some while. I was a cooking. Had to keep moving.

Couldn't face I15 so detoured through Cima, Kelso and Amboy to GZ country. Arrived home before 10pm, cool and happy.

Thanks for making WFO6 such a great event.

See you guys soon.


here's yours-truly at the Salt-flats.


Rolled out of Park City, UT ~05:45 MST 29July

Rolled into Eagan, MN ~02:00 CST 30 July

1232 miles...

Check out this rig I caught a picture of....


I believe this was at the junction of US287 & WY220


:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

Joe (cangler) and I left Sunday about 7:00 AM. We stopped at Primm for the night and made it home by noon Monday, Indio, CA. First thing I had to do was take a nap for a couple hours...

:assassin: :assassin: :assassin: :assassin: :assassin: :assassin: :assassin: :assassin: :assassin:

I just want to say [SIZE=36pt]"Thanks"[/SIZE] for a very special weekend. You all did a terrific over the top job. ready to do it again!!!!!!


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Well we did make it home safe, with only one unplanned event (thanks Ponyfool :clapping: for stopping and helping us get back on the road) I'll start another thread to go over that event. We left PC at about 8 local and hit the road and made great time until we got onto I-15 and then got stuck because they blocked the freeway and had everyone get off and didn't direct the traffic back onto the next entrance. We got to see many streets of a neat area near exit 31. Well 15 hours later we made it to Seattle...

Short version - FJRocket and I left PC at 6 am on Sunday. I got home at 6 am Monday - 1498 miles in 23 hours. Haven't heard from Rocket. Long version - see my sorry ass excuse for a BBG attempt in my separate topic.

Left Park City at about 08:30 AM arrived Marysville Ca. 6:30 PM Yesterday

Rode with the Orangevales most of the way and was glad to have the company.

Marianne and I left PC at 7 AM and had dinner with our son in Walla Walla, Sun evening after a very hot ride thru southern Idaho. Finished the trip to Portland this AM, and spent the rest of the damn day in the office!

We are not used to riding in the 105 plus shit for hours and that was ugly.

Got caught up behind a semi trailer wreck on 84 in North Ogden that hit the right side guard rails at a temp exit in an area of freeway const. The truck was totalled and burnt up completely. The black smoke and white as the firehoses tried to cool it was amazing. We were about 15 - 20 vehicles behind the wreck in the stopped traffic and lost about 40 minutes until they got us out on the temp exit. I think the driver escaped injury but I'm not sure how.

Total thanks to everyone who helped put on this great show. We had a terrific time and met a bunch of excellent new friends. Had some great rides with many of these folks and really look forward to building on these friendships.

Best wishes and safe riding to all in this community!


Hey Warchild,

Made it home to Hockley, Texas (It's near Houston) safely. Monday 11pm. 3934 miles since last Tues 7/17/07. Awesome Hotel and event. Thanks for checkin.


Left at 0830 from PC, pulled into Chey-town yesterday about 1500. Uneventful, but mellow cruise back on the 80 slab. Had a great time over the weekend and enjoyed meeting all! Thanks guys for putting on such a great gig! Can't wait until next year when it's hopefully in my neck of the woods!

Oh, somebody left a bike cover sitting on my bike too. I have it at the house. If your missing one, pm me and I'll send it your way. Dowco cover in a blue L.L.Bean vented bag.