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Technical/Mechanical Problems

A summary of observed issues, recalls, and advisories for the FJR
FJRF001 - Valve Ticking / Premature Exhaust Valve Guide Seal Issue (Gen I Bikes) (Fixed since 2006)
FJRF002 - Throttle Abruptness Issue (Gen II Bikes)
FJRF003 - Ignition Failure (Gen I and II Bikes)
FJRF004 - Altitude Sickness (2006/2007 Bikes)
FJRF005 - Ignition Switch Issue (2006-early 2009 Bikes)
FJRF006 Throttle Position Sensor (2005 Bikes)
FJRF007 - Touring Trunk Stress (2003-2007 models)
FJRF008 - Cam Chain Tensioner (CCT) Issue
FJRF009 - Intermittent Ground Wire Connection "Ground Spider"
FJRF010 -
FJRF011 - Fast Starter Syndrome
FJRF012 - Front Brake Switch Recall (2011)

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