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    Wind Roar

    If you want to eliminate wind noise you need to get a taller screen. I replaced my stock screen with a CalSci tall screen. I can adjust it to whatever height is needs to eliminate the noise and turbulence.
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    Sidecase Yamaha Logo

    I used E6000 as well and 7 years later they are still on the bags.
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    Seeking advice on first FJR

    I too will be 80 in 2022 and have been riding FJR's since 2008. My first FJR was a 2007 I bought with just 3000 miles on the ODO. I put 28K on it and sold it after buying a better equipped 2007 from a local with just 8K on the ODO. Sold that bike with 38K when I bought a 2014ES new in Dec. 2013...
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    Parts For Sale Gen III stock Windscreen

    Like new Gen III stock windscreen. This screen is in like new condition, no scratches or nicks. I replaced the original screen with a touring screen when the bike was new. Asking $40 plus shipping. You can call or text Art 925-967-3738 for details. If you would like a pic send me an email and I...
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    Tire inflation for a bigger tire

    Having once worked for Goodyear Tire and Rubber I can advise you to go to the higher cold tire pressure. If you under inflate a tire it will build up pressure much more than a correctly inflated tire. Friction is greater on under inflated tires and that translates to heat and higher PSI. I...
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    PIAA 85114 twin pack horns

    Just like Griff, I mounted the second PIAA horn on the rediator mount bolt. No need t modify any fuses or relays.
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    Yamaha Saddle Bag Label

    Many thanks.  I gave the part # to my friend and he is ordering one.
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    Yamaha Saddle Bag Label

    My riding pal lost one of the saddle bag Yamaha labels.  He has a 2014 which are known to fall off.  I told him to re-glue them when he recently bought the bike. Now he is looking for a label.  Any of you happen to have a spare you are willing to sell him??  Thanks.   
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    Name That Place Game

    Is this on a paved road?  We are going to be riding from Caldwell,ID to Missoula in two weeks. If this is on a paved road we can check it out on our way. Thanks.  Art 
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    Funky Shifting

    As for the clunk into first gear, when I start a ride I start the bike and let it warm up. I shut it down and start up the bike in first gear. 
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    Gen 3 shock replacement

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. This will be very useful when any of us need the ES shock rebuilt. Also thanks to RossKean for the tip on ESA Repair!!!  🤙
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    Name that FJR

    After having owned three FJR's always one at a time, they all were named "my bike".  
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    Front axel bolt issue

    I just ordered a Hex Bit set on Amazon which has 9 bits with highest value 19mm. All for 20.16 delivered. With this there are bits for both front and rear axels. 🤙
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    Tail luggage Rack

    Not looking for the OE tail rack, I need an accessory luggage rack hopefully like the one SW-Motech sold a few years ago. I want it to use it for a tail bag not a top box. 
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    Tail luggage Rack

    Need a tail rack not a top box plate for my 2014 FJR. I believe SW Motech was the band I had on my 2007. If anyone has one and would like to sell it please send me  a PM.  Thanks.  Art