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  1. harper

    Top box induced handlebar wobble

    I have a new-to-me 2008 FJR. I have recently been fighting a problem with handlebar wobble which I noticed when I briefly took my hands off the grips at 30mph to tighten my glove straps. I found this oscillation at almost any speed on almost any surface if I removed my hands from the grips. The...
  2. harper

    What did you do to your FJR today?

    I continued slowly turning Hudson's 2008 into my own.
  3. harper

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    Negative Covid test. Positive experience at the Last Hurrah. Thanks Big John, JP, and everyone who made the trek to honor Ray Slocomb. Thanks to Ray, Patti, and Shirley who made this possible.
  4. harper

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    John- Although I am currently sans motorcycle, I plan to cage it down on Thursday in time for the giant reuben-fest. I have a room and have already paid for the Saturday dinner. See you tomorrow.
  5. harper

    Not a "Reuben Run" but "The Last Hurrah" - Labor Day Weekend 1-5 September 2022

    Dear BigJohnSD- I have registered and paid for a meal at the Last Hurrah that you are graciously hosting. I only hope the portions aren't as puny as they were when Ray was hosting the Reuben Run. I always left the table hungry; the tiny, child-sized portions of prime rib left me in want of...
  6. harper

    Oil filter

    I prefer the large channel locks to the puncture techniques. I've used both in the past and there's much less mess with the channel locks. But oil on the new filter gasket and hand-tight only will save you a lot of future grief.
  7. harper

    How tall are you?

    Shorter than I used to be...and not in a good way. But not short-sighted...still able to recognize an old thread.
  8. harper

    My worst ride to date

    Live, yes. Learn, not likely.
  9. harper

    My worst ride to date

    I just received the liability review from the insurance company. My fault: 0%. Other vehicle fault: 100%. I was pleased but somewhat surprised by this. I did test ride a 2006 with 25k miles on it today. It also had a Power Commander which seemed to reduce the early Gen2 low throttle jerkiness...
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    My worst ride to date

    Yeah. It was raining when I rode the McKenzie Highway just prior to that landing. The rain gear really sets off that helmet, doesn't it?
  11. harper

    My worst ride to date

    I need to get a new one before the "Last Hurrah" in Lapine. But you can give me a "like" for the $250 next-day airline ticket. That was astonishing.
  12. harper

    My worst ride to date

    I started a ride on Friday, May 13, which was a bad choice to begin with and things just got worse. I rode down the Pacific coast the first 3 days in the rain. I met a friend in Redway and continued south. He had a rear-tire blowout at the US-101 CA-1 junction just north of Leggett, fortunately...
  13. harper

    What Do You Wish You Could Transport On Your Bike?

    The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.
  14. harper

    How far would you ride to grab lunch round trip?

    Stupid?? That's just another "ace" in the deck of cards that is your life.
  15. harper

    Motorcycle For Sale For sale: $6500 2014 FJR-1300A 40k miles in Los Angeles, CA

    Mike- I sent you a PM today. Hope you still have it.