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Sold 2005 FJR 1300 ABS Blue with trailer For Sale

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Sep 28, 2010
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Thornhill, ON
2005 FJR1300 ABS

Selling my sport touring rig

This bike has been a perfect ride for many long distance two-up tours. Unfortunately we can no longer use it due to health reasons.

Completely stock except for a replacement rear axle machined to attach the included Third Wheel Trailer.
Minor cosmetic damage when the bike tipped over walking it on a loose gravel slightly downhill surface.

Perfect trailer for the long haul sport rides my wife and I did for years. Attaches to the rear axle and doesn't load the frame. Follows exactly behind the bike carving corners or squeezing through tight openings. Detaches in seconds to roll into a motel room like a massive rolling suitcase

Bar mounted switched USB / Cigarette lighter socket with water/dust water cover.
Accessory power and mount for Garmin Zumo

Put on fresh rubber then into storage before covid but was never able to pick it up. Haven't ridden on them.

Givi E55 Maxia III rear case with all the bells and whistles:
-seat cushion
-top rack
-wired for lights and remote opening with fob included but never bothered to hook it up
Easily holds two fathead sized full face helmets.

Gears Navigator Motorcycle Tail Bag
attaches to the Givi rack adding room for large light items (kept the rain gear in it for quick access) or over the passenger seat for extra stuff riding solo

Cargo Endurance Large Capacity Magnetic tank bag
Full top map window / un-zip leave in place magnetic base / expandable
rain covers

This needs the right owner to appreciate the turnkey road wonder that it is.
Let me know if you are interested.

Bike was dropped off from storage with a dead battery. I will post km once I can recharge or replace it.
Asking $8k (tell me if I'm crazy)
Miles? Which Zumo? Posting photos, or providing a link to some photos will greatly increase interest.
Where are you (and bike) located? Mileage? Photos of complete rig? Maybe the trailer is something super-special, but $8000 sounds way high. I paid $6200 for my '05 FJR in early 2014, eight years ago. (Bought it with 50k on odometer, now at 186,000 miles -- and couldn't be happier!)
The battery is not dead - it was pulled and put on maintenance. The bike was delivered without it. If there's any issue with it I will be replacing it with a new one.
80,000km (about 50k miles) on the bike.
I bought a new battery and tried to install it. Ran into a problem described by others. The size of the battery is critical. The new one was identical in every spec except width. Slightly wider. As a result the new battery did not fit in the tray. Sits too high to the attach the anchoring bracket. Lucky the store guaranteed fit and took it back. Now I have to find another.

And yes the trailer is special in my opinion. The way it adds huge storage without impacting the spirit of the bike is amazing. It wasn't cheap and shows it.
Vanishes behind the bike and would never drop a wheel apexing a turn.
I loved the way it attaches to the axle not the frame so it doesn't load the frame at all. Since it connects in two places - both sides of the axle - there are no rattling chains. You can still split lanes if that's your thing. And the first time you stop at a motel and just roll your stuff right into the room you will love it even more.
I found only two downsides. Fully loaded it does slow the steering response and backing the bike up (and don't even THINK about parking in a forward/downhill orientation) unless you have someone to pull on the trailer 😄
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Hi, has this been sold? Please update.
Price dropped to $6800
New battery installed and bike is still great. Getting ready to put her away for the winter.
Happy to answer any questions.
Spring is here and I am still looking for a good home for my great friend. I would have thought someone would be interested in a ready to go setup like this.
Any tips on how to sell her would be appreciated.

I've had offers for the trailer alone but the slight modifications to the bike which accommodates it really means this is best sold as a package. The original axle is replaced with a custom part for the special hitch. The mufflers are slightly raised to clear the attachment points.

The trailer is also sold by the builder for use with ball-type hitch setups but that would involve modification that would add to its cost for the buyer. The current link system is perfect for sport touring, far better (in my opinion) than any other form of trailer attachment. As it is, it will go on another FJR with similar small adjustments and then I can sell the bike without it as is or reverted though that would be a shame.
I am curious about the trailer. Do they still sell them and If so what is the brand name?

Thanks, Dave
It said it right in the ad. 3rd wheel trailers. Yes, the still sell them. Company is in Canada. I use one of their hitches with my home made single wheel trailer.
https://thirdwheeltrailers.com/You can see their hitch in this picture sitting on bench under my trailer.
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