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Sold 2007 FJR

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Dec 6, 2022
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For sale is a 2007 Yamaha FJR 1300 with 74734 miles. Miles may increase slightly if weather permits. The price is $3000 or OBO.

I’m selling this motorcycle for the widow of my good friend, Henry. Henry passed away last Fall. I took possession of this bike and spent the last few months going over everything. I treated this bike as if it were my own, and I didn’t want the new owner to have any problems. After I serviced the bike, I took it for a 40 mile “shake down” ride. This 150 HP sport tourer with aftermarket suspension can boogie. A fly n ride would be easy.

Just to be clear/transparent: The bike has a Maryland title, and Henry’s son is the executor with authority to transfer ownership. The son lives in Baltimore, and works nights. Fridays and Saturdays are his days off, but he is also available late afternoons, for the paperwork. The bike is physically in central PA. I will be transporting it back to Baltimore for the new owner, and can arrange a showing anywhere between Lock Haven, PA and Baltimore, MD for any interested party.

Henry was the second owner, and has owned the bike since about 20000 miles. Over the years, Henry and I have had many “garage therapy” sessions servicing this bike. It’s in excellent condition and everything works. Tires have less than 1000 miles on them.

The only damage I’ve found is in the upper left fairing. I’m thinking something fell on the bike because there no other signs on an accident. The damage is not obvious from a short distance away. If you look closely, there are some minor scratches that you would expect on a 16 year old motorcycle.

The bike has had a lot of accessories added to make long distance travel fun and comfortable. Accessories included are;

Ohlins shock

Forks revalved by Motorsports Suspension (both legs are fully adjustable, not just one)

Throttle tamer metal throttle tube

Heli bar risers

Dale Walker/Holeshot slip-ons. They sound nice and throaty, but not too loud.

PiperCross foam air filter

Hella Supertone horns and heavy gauge relay harness

Brodies Spider harness (upgraded grounding harness)

Eastern Beaver PC8 fuse panel

Coax plug for heated gear (switched)

SAE plug for battery charging (always powered)

Aftermarket windscreen (stock screen included)

Wider floorboard style passenger pegs

Keyless gas cap (OEM gas cap included)

Ram ball mount

Front fender extender

Frame sliders

Folding highway pegs

Rear rack and Givi top bag with auxiliary brake light

OEM tail bag with mounting bracket

OEM color matched side bags

A spare rear rim with good tire

Owners manual and tool kit

During the recent service, I performed the following;

Oil and filter changed

Air filter cleaned and re-oiled

Brake and clutch fluids changed

Fork seals, bushings and oil replaced

Steering stem bearings checked and lubed

Suspension linkage cleaned and lubed

Drive shaft cleaned, lubed and differential oil changed

Brake calipers and pads cleaned

Axles and lever pivot points cleaned and lubed

Windscreen raise/lower mechanism cleaned and lubed

Installed a new Yuasa battery

Installed a new ignition switch. The switch was replaced previously through a recall, but the key was hard to turn. Now a different key is required to remove the seat or open the side bags. The old switch is included, if somebody want to change the lock internals. Included are two keys for each switch (old and new).

Installed new cam chain tensioner. There were no unusual engine noises, but I was advised CCT replacement was recommended at this mileage.
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Hi Luke; a couple of questions. 1) Your pictures show both a Givi topcase and an OEM color-matched case. You only noted one in the accessories. Is the OEM case available? 2) With all those fabulous farkles including those nice black bar end weights, the bike has stock saddles. Is there/was there an upgraded seat? That's it. Gorgeous bike, should go quickly. GLWS. Baz

There are two top cases included. The Givi and color matched OEM. I forgot to mention the second case in my listing. There is some type of mounting plate attached to the color matched top case. I don't know if the mounting plate simply bolts onto the tail section.

Henry had two maroon 2007 FJRs. The first got totaled after he hit a deer. He/we transferred most of the accessories to the replacement.

I started this sales process last December when I listed a bunch of the duplicate accessories for sale, including several aftermarket seats. It seemed Henry was a collector of FJ and FJR parts and accessories.