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Sold 2008 FJR for Sale 4500.00 OBO in Northern California

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NorCal FJR

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Apr 19, 2014
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Northern California
I didn't think I would ever sell this bike, but bought a 2020 FJR and don't have room to keep both. It is older, but at 74,836 miles it just barley broken in for an FJR.

It's a 2008 FJR A model with a Penske shock upgrade, upgraded springs in the forks, LAAM custom seat, Garmin 395 LM GPS, Aux Fuse block installed, front driving lights, rear Admore lighting aux brake light, stock windshield and Yamaha touring windshield, Tech spec tank and saddle bag protectors, Throttlemeister lock and a Givi SR 357 rack, aftermarket horns, and radiator guard.

The tires are Pirelli Angell GT-A with some life left in them and the battery was replaced about a year ago. I also had the valve check done less than 200 miles ago, all in spec.

With all that being said, I have used this bike and there are a few scratches and dings on the bike. Mainly on the right side from a low speed tip over in the dirt when looking for a hot spring with the wife.


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Nice bike. You also have the highway pegs on it...unless you are transferring those to the 2020? How far North are you? I'm in the Fresno area.
Still have the bike and spring is coming if anyone is looking.
Please delve a little deeper in the Hot spring "she was too fat for her own good" story. No, not the woman, I meant the bike. I've always wondered but I'm guessing if the bike went down slow enough while you're giving it your all turns out to not be enough. There's a slim chance that your real "sexy" would not end up on the ground too?
After all, they can't cuss you out as good from down there.