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Sold Rally Prepped 2008 FJR (3 time finisher 4 time entered IBR)

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Jul 16, 2023
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Hi everyone, first time poster (I'll maybe post one more time in the dark side thread here!).

I've got a 2008 FJR 1300 with 96k on the odo for sale. This bike is fully rally prepped and has run in FOUR Iron Butt Rallies, finishing three of them (my ride was the 4th and was still a hell of a ride without a finish). I purchased it last year specifically to run the rally and yesterday I acquired a K1600GTL to replace it. Long story short, I really like the FJR but I like my K bikes better. I would really like to sell it to someone who will enjoy it as is but if it doesn't sell I will part out the farkles (the big ones being the 9.5 gallon main tank and the RDL seats). The bike is located in Minnesota and I'm willing to ride it to you for a plane ticket back to MN. All fluids refreshed after I got home from PA.

First, an album of pictures in which I lovingly washed the bike for you. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1...?key=VFh6R0ZjTGpHM1hrMm1uaGl2TzRKQVBjbUFTWXh3

I bought the bike from Lisa Erbes and Jim Winterer (who ran it two up in 2019) and some of this ad copy is from them.

* 9.5-gallon Frankentank, one of 12 made by the legendary Jim Harry Slaughter of Iowa. He is no longer making them. Four of these tanks were on the starting line of the 2019 Iron Butt Rally. When about one-third empty,the fuel gauge works like a normal gauge.
* Russell Day Long saddles 6 years old -- great condition.
* Lockable panniers and Givi trunk. Trunk has custom organizer inside. Extra helmet lock with cable included. Bag liners for the panniers.
* Front and rear crash bars. Parking lot tested; they work great.
* Passenger footpegs converted to floor-board style. Rubber mounted toeliminate vibration.
* One pair of 40-watt LEDRider lights. These are attached on the front crash bars (also on the IQ-275)
* One pair of 50-watt LEDRider lights. Controlled by IQ-275 SkeneDesign programable three-way switch. These are attached to WynPro Machining brackets under the mirrors.
* Dashboard. Holds Garmin 665 GPS and odds and ends.
* Price includes Garmin 665 GPS with newer maps (2020, as new as they get for this unit). All wired and ready to use.
* Arboreal Systems "Dispatch 1" fuse box. This two-part system includes the fuse box and radio-controlled device that lets you makeadjustments to the fuse box (like turning up or down heated gear). All auxiliary wiring is connected through this. Two heating ports connected to the variable voltage "H" connectors (gerbing style)
* Two different throttle-holding devices (neither of which is as awesome as electronic cruise) -- there is a throttlemeister but it doesn't clamp down well.
* Handlebar risers. These raise the bars a little for more comfortable seating position.
* Wind-rain hand guards at the end of the handlebars.
* USB x2 + voltmeter on left dash
* Larger aftermarket windshield. Not sure of name but it works great.Note that the windshield can be lowered and raised by pressing a button.
* Plexiglass headlight covers attached by Velcro. Can be easily removed and wash
* Car tire on rear, about 15k on it and a little over 50% tread left. Can swap to a Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT with similar tread left. Front tire is a nearly spent Michelin Road 6 GT (with only 14k on it, out to Penn, rally, and back)
* all auxiliary wiring replaced 2022
* new LED headlights

If you are interested or have questions, email me [email protected] or dm me. I also have a LD ready CBR1100XX Super Blackbird that can go too (aux fuel, lights, heated grips, RM seat, etc).

$7k OBO.
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Ask and ye shall receive. Note that I'm just about to start defarkling this and removed the 4 and 1/2 gallon tank last night which resulted in the need to replace that plumbing because it was old but I can always put the tank back on. The tank is mounted on a slick platform that uses the stock seat mount points and latches on place. If the quick disconnect doesn't snap it's a 2 minute removal.

It has 93k miles and had ridden many a rally.
3ish. I'm flexible.
It's got a rocky mayer seat, pilot and passenger, Ohlin's rear shock some highfalutin aftermarket exhaust heat roller for the heated grips, HID driving lights one of which works rubber still relatively fresh body work is when I would describe as okay. The rear brake is a little weird I had Leo's south in Lakeville run over the bike when I got it a couple years ago and the rear brake is still squishy it firms up with a couple pumps but they flushed all the brake fluid and didn't seem to see a problem with it. However I do have a fresh master cylinder to include as well. Any other questions just ask
Also, going to throw out a price of 6000 on the FJR, I thought for sure it would go quick at 7 but I was wrong. I bought a K1600GTL on saturday and need to move at least one bike (the bike not being in the garage is more important than the money). That's less than the sum of the parts.
I'm just about done defarkling the CBR1100XX and the FJR will be next, if you want a rally ready bike, now's a good time to say so. =) I just bought a stock tank (actually bought the stock tank that was originally on the bike) so if I get to tearing it down one of the parts that will be for sale will be the frankentank.
So the blackbird is sold and I've now defarkled the FJR. The bike is now priced at $5500 and the farkles are now available for sale separately. Here's the "new" advert.

have a 2008 Yamaha FJR 1300 with 97,000 miles on it that I'm looking to sell. This bike has competed in 4 iron butt rallies, the latest with me in the saddle in 2023. After the rally I tried to sell it fully farkled and got no interest so I've returned the bike completely to stock (except as noted below) and will now sell off the farkles separately. If you buy the bike and want SOME farkles I might be persuaded to install them.

The bike:

2008 FJR 1300 (Black)
  • 97,000 mostly rally miles (17,000 put on by me this year)
  • V-Stream windshield
  • left powerlet replaced with a dual USB/voltmeter, fused
  • General G/Max car tire installed on stock wheel, 1/8" steel caliper brace (for clearance, also have the stock caliper brace)
    • I also have a PRGT4 on a stock wheel that I'd be happy to swap on to the bike
    • 16k miles on the car tire, about 60% tread left
  • Road 6 GT on front, 15k miles
  • paint and bodywork in superb condition. the stock tank is like new since I de-installed a frankentank (for sale below)
    • there is a tab broken under the left headlight adjustment dash panel (the upper one) where somebody overtightened the dash shelf. panel is secure and does not rattle without the screw
    • the battery cover suffered some damage on the 2023 IBR due to a rivet falling out and air pressure lifting it. it's been repaired with epoxy
    • there are some minor scratches on the left mirror housing
  • fresh oil and final drive oil
Here's the bits you can buy separately or just add them to the bike!
  • $600 Russell Day Long full leather two piece saddle (the most comfortable seat I've ever ridden on, more comfortable than the RDL I have on my K1600 even)
  • $200 Front and rear crash guards. Front guards have a mounting platform for lights. Includes extra long M12 socket cap bolts for mounting
  • $750 Jim Slaughter 9.5 Gallon Frankentank with matching lock (and key fob)
    • tank could use a respray but it's in excellent shape. it's black currently like the bike
  • $100 Dash shelf
    • don't know the manufacturer (I've asked and will post if I find out)
  • $200 Tail shelf, large Givi V46 top case was mounted to this
    • also don't know manufacturer but I believe it's the same as the dash shelf
  • $200 Givi V46 top case
I can post pictures of anything on request. The bike is still missing the side panels as I wait for M12x55 bolts to arrive in the mail. This bike was flawless over the nearly 14k miles I road getting to and from and riding the 2023 IBR. The only thing that stopped my from finishing 19th on it was thinking I still had 24 hours left when I was in NYC.
If anyone has a stock front and pillion seat for a reasonable price, I'm looking for one after selling the RDL
Here's a picture of the rear luggage rack, anyone recognize the brand? It's got a wide array of well spaced and threaded holes for various mount options (the Givi V46 was mounted to this plate with the two nubs at the right and two bolts through holes to the left)
Also, there was some inner tube rubber cemented to the center of the plate, I'm assuming to eliminate some rattle or vibration with the top case mounted. That's the residue.


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Going to post a new sale thread for the bike now that it is back to stock. I still have some parts available that I will post a separate thread for as well.