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Sold 2010 FJR 45K miles $4500

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Oct 26, 2016
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Corbin seats and passenger backrest. MC Cruise electronic cruise control. 2 owner. Gerard luggage rack. Stock throughout. Clean, beautiful. Recent Yamaha tune-up. Strong excellent motorcycle. Michelin 6GTs in good shape. Many spares. Lowered 1" to match 29" inseam, stock links included to restore stock height. Have used 10w40 synthetic motorcycle oil for 10 years. Fitted with C Bailey touring windshield (in some pics w/ the black cafe shield). Engine guards. Race Tech fork springs (just a little stiffer). New stock front brake pads, new DOT4 fluid. Stock Yamaha heated grips. Clutch updated to 2016 OEM, engine assisted, lighter pull force, smoother downshifts. Yamaha saddlebag liners. Age-related sale (me, not the bike!). Full maintenance records. Yamaha shop manual. Located on Colorado front range, near Denver. Best motorcycle I've owned.20181029_FJR #1 PIC.jpg


  • 20230827_YAMAHA LOADED ON THE ROAD - CROP 1.jpg
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