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That is great! I'm SO jealous! Stop all you guys telling me got your cases!!! Hahaha! I'm very happy for you. I do have the black cherry 2007 cases but I can't hardly bear to put them on! Haha! I havea K1600 so I'm just using that for my long trips for right now. Hope you have a great first long trip on it. If you don't have some already get some good Gerbing heated gear and you will be fine. :)
I used a silver Corbin smuggler on my blue bike while waiting for my bags to come in. I figured function over form.
If I were you I would be calling the Yamaha Corporate customer service line and inquiring as to why you haven't received your sidebags yet. Me thinks you have fallen through the cracks somewhere. Most likely, your dealer is screwing something up.
I gave Yamaha a call and they are working on it. Should hear from them today.