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Sold Aerostich R-3 $900

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NorCal FJR

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Apr 19, 2014
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Northern California
Mens Aerostich R-3 size 42R with the back protector. Bought new in December of 22. I have worn it in on approximately 10 rides and decided a one piece wasn't for me. Asking $900.


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Nice. If only it was the correct size for me. I love my Stitch one piece suits. So much so that I have four of them, my first almost completely worn out and about to me retired. I love how I can remove the suit and be in jeans and looking like a normal person at lunch stops and such. Plus, its better at keeping the cold air out. Myself, I couldn't go back to two-piece gear.
I went thru the Aerostitch site and input my measurements and they returned 42R as my recommended size, so that's good start. Did you have any alterations done by them for customized fit, or did u just stay with off-the- shelf? Thanks
I have worn Aerostich for many years. Even sent my original Darien back to have a couple of fixes done. My Roadcrafter has not been worn that much but is also great quality.
So if you have used both one piece and two-piece aerostitch, I would like to ask which you think would be best for my intended use. Doing a Europe trip this summer where need to be prepared for what might be sudden rain and then clear up and want to avoid having to take on and off outer rainproof layers, and other times when it will be quite warm. Does a one-piece from aerostitch (unlined like the R3) really work in all conditions so that you can just use under layers either lighter or heavier depending on temperature but otherwise just wear the outer one piece all the time in cool or warm or wet conditions? And would a two-piece Darien jacket and pants work just as well with perhaps again the convenience of being able to take the jacket off at rest stops like in restaurants. Thanks for your opinion!
Good question. I only really ever used the Roadcrafter when I was commuting on a previous bike. About a 70 mile RT Mon-Fri. Worked great in most weather. You definitely will get to work dry and even not as sweaty as you would think in the summer. And we do have warm summers in north Texas. But as great as the suit is, I would not want to use it when touring and when you might feel like stopping and doing something else. I prefer the Darien and pants for that type of riding, personally.
I am the opposite. I love the one piece suit specifically because I can take it off and have normal clothes for whatever activity. Go into a restaurant with jeans and a shirt. Wear shorts under it if you want. I live in Arizona and ride it in all types of weather. Above 90° it gets a bit warm but primarily only the legs. I'll never go back to twp-piece gear again.

I have toured Europe on one of my FJRs that I have there for 4 out of the last 5 years. All of that with my one piece stitch.

Here in the Swiss alps last July.


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Ah...thanks for that opinion Skooter. Helpful to see how a one-piece works for you in the way I was thinking they could. Usually a fair-weather rider here in Cal, but do get afternoon thunderstorms in the Sierra in summertime, but then will be 90- 100 by the time you're down in the Valley again, and I use a cooling vest which I think could work under a one-piece piece if I opened the top up a lot. Anyway, thanks to you and Keith for the opinions