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Motorcycle For Sale 2013 FJR1300A Indiana -Sold

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Feb 19, 2022
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One owner 2013 FJR1300A, 53,XXX miles
First year for factory cruise control
Dual Russell Day Long Sunbrella Saddle -245 LB rider , 106 LB Passenger
MCL 1" Handlebar risers
SW Motech mirror extenders
MCL 1 1/2" Foot peg lowering kit
3 Ram mounts - both handlebars and steering stem
Zumo 660 GPS
3 Windshields - Stock, Yamaha Touring, and Mid-size light tint Cee Bailey
Warm & Safe Dual Heat-Troller on top of clutch reservoir
ADV Monster 10W LED driving lights- switch on top of Heat-Troller
Centech AP-1 Fuse Block under seat.
GIVI SR357 Monokey Rear Rack and Mounting Plate. Also have stock Yamaha Rack,
New Galfer Front Wave Rotors this season. New brake pads front and rear this season.
New Road 6 Front tire this season. New Roadsmart Rear tire.this season.

Valves adjusted by me at 30K, intakes set to max clearance, exhaust were all mid-spec except one - I set it to max clearance. Fresh plugs and Air Filter at 30K. Oil changed at 52K.

Bike runs perfect and is ready to ride anywhere. Owned for 10 trouble-free years and just ready for another bike,

Bike is located in Columbus, IN 47201


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Hmm... Apparently not the best time of the year to sell an FJR. Final Reduction $4500 Firm. I'm off every Friday in November and open to a Fly and Ride. I'll pick you up at the Indianapolis Airport after we talk first. You buy lunch. If it doesn't sell by the end of November I'll take it off the market and just keep it.

This is a screaming deal for somebody. NADA rough trade is $4085, clean trade is $5010, Avg Retail is $6920. Bike still looks new.. Just put a new AGM battery in it last week.
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No, It does not have YCCS. This is an A model, manual shift with hand clutch, manual suspension adjustments. The AE is the version with YCCS or automatic clutch. ES is the version with electronic suspension and hand clutch.
Should the ABS hydraulic unit be a concern for this older bike? I've seen reports that some of the older FJR's (2004+) have had hydraulic unit failures due to corrosion, etc. May be one of the highest precision components on the bike.

Is this a bike which has the 80 mph limit on the cruise control?

Any corrosion issues underneath? Center stand, muffler supports, swingarm, rear caliper, etc.?

Are these seats fashioned from the OE seats? Hopefully the rider seat could accommodate a differently configured new owner.

Is that the OE steering head with a riser added or an aftermarket steering head with riser?

Any issues with the charging system? You have added more lights and have been using electrically heated clothing. Have you added a charging system voltmeter?

Do you have a Yamaha service manual for this bike?
I don't think I've ever activated the ABS but I've never locked the wheels either and I brake pretty hard, The ABS light comes on when you start it and goes out in a few seconds just like it should. I've flushed both brakes twice and the clutch once. It does have the 80 MPH cruise limiter. Some corrosion on bolts underneath but not rusty. The rear pumpkin has some of the bare aluminum showing where the paint is worn off but you can't see it with the saddlebags on. PM me your phone # and I'll send you a video from my phone. The Russell Day long was made on the factory OE seats. It's not worth modifying them after they are made. If you don't like them, sell them to somebody else and get a different seat. I paid $1000 to have the seats made. You could provably get $300-500 for them used on this forum. Selling with the bike though. OE steering head with 1" risers added on top. No issues with the charging system ever. The extra lights are only 20 watts and my heated gear is another 120. With both on full I'm still below the output of the alternator. I think one of the options in the display menu is battery voltage but I've never used it. I have a Clymer manual and the original owners manual that goes with the bike.
ABS issues were more common with late Gen I and a few early Gen II. The CC limit (and other improvements) may be had with the "Ivan" ECU flash.