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    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 reacted to Earlofcrankcase's post in the thread Ebay special with Haha Haha.
      Relax brethren. Yes the opportunity to ride one back from Utah for a profit is gone but the profit wasn't that big. (my bet) I also bet...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 replied to the thread Ebay special.
      My first FJR was a 2009. I bought it in February of 2018 with 18K mi on it. It had a few farkles on it already. A Backup rider...
    • vzhq16
      That one was about 13 days. I wasn't in any hurry; just out sight-seeing.
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 reacted to Cycle's post in the thread FJR Milestones - Places you've been with Like Like.
      Great photos on this thread. @vzhq16 Your travels are wonderful, and thanks for showing all the photos. How long was this cover...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 replied to the thread My Spider Bite Story.
      Perhaps we got sidetracked trying to help a fellow FJR rider out. How easy it is to get caught up in trying to be helpful. Seems to me...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 replied to the thread My Spider Bite Story.
      The most common cause of a cylinder or two not "carrying their weight" is a throttle body that is out of adjustment. Making sure things...
    • vzhq16
      Just bought a second set of Pirelli Angel GT2 A-Spec. I started out with Michelin Road Pilot 5 on this bike, when those wore out I...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 replied to the thread R1250RT to the FJR.
      I've only ridden my buddy's 2012 R1200RT but comparing it to my 2016 ES brings a smile to my face. The BMW seemed to have a noticeably...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 reacted to a.droid's post in the thread FUN! Electrical with Like Like.
      Thanks all. I'll DC the battery till I get a few hours this weekend. My hunch was leaning towards a ground spider issue. Will report...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 reacted to NorCal FJR's post in the thread Clutch Slipping on 08 with Like Like.
      Thanks again to everyone who chimed in with suggestions. I found my problem...when I replaced the pushrod from the the clutch master...
    • vzhq16
      vzhq16 reacted to Trailrider57's post in the thread FJR Milestones - Places you've been with Like Like.
      Good stuff and good pics. You must be trying to see how often you can burn through a set of tires. :) Mine is more of a garage queen...
    • vzhq16
      The road to Banff, AB. The best part of the Trans-Canada Highway. Banff is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! My first glimpse of the Northern...
      • 31Banff_12.JPG
      • 32MyFav.jpg
      • 33FirstGlimpseLakeSuperior.JPG
      • 34SharkClub_01.JPG
      • 35SharkClubWaterford_01.jpg
      • BuffaloWyomingMotel_01.jpg
    • vzhq16
      Next up? The Grand Canyon. It is indeed Grand! On to Yellowstone. Didn't see any deer but this fellow was merrily grazing...
      • 27SolsberyTrestle_02.jpg
      • 30DevilsTower_01.jpg
      • 29NationalMotorcycleMuseum_02.jpg
      • 28NationalMotorcycleMuseum_01.jpg
      • 27SolsberyTrestle_02.jpg
      • 26SolsberyTrestle_01.jpg
      • 25_20220719_131250.jpg
      • 24_20220719_153608.jpg
      • 23YellowstonePark_01.JPG
      • 22GrandCanyon_01.jpg
    • vzhq16
      The Mackinac Bridge connecting Michigan's Upper and Lower peninsulas. Crossing the Straights of Mackinac. The left lane is a metal...
      • 19HairPinTurn_Phone.jpg
      • 21PointOfInterest_05.jpg
      • 20YouPickedTheWrongParis.JPG
      • 18TailOfTheDragon_01.jpg
      • 17TailOfTheDragon_03.jpg
      • 15KY_TN_Map_01.jpg
      • 14FrankenmuthMI_01.jpg
      • 12MackinacBridgeCrossing.JPG
      • 11MackinacBridge_01.jpg
      • 16TailOfTheDragon_02.jpg
    • vzhq16
      Brown County State Park in South Central Indiana. Poulsbo, WA on the way to pick up the new (to me) 2016 FJR1300ES. Hard plastic panel...
      • 08JacksonHoleWY_01.jpg
      • 10SooLocks_01.jpg
      • 10MtRushmore_01.jpg
      • 09MtRushmore_02.jpg
      • 07WyomingMountainTop_01.jpg
      • 06IceBuildup.JPG
      • 05MontanaSnowyRoad.JPG
      • 04FlyingDebris.JPG
      • 01PoulsboWashington_01.jpg
      • 01BrownCounty_05_15_2021.JPG
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