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Garauld Accessory Catalog Showcase

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Jun 26, 2005
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Binghamton, NY
Hi - I am starting to wind down the list of items I would make, kind of like retirement.  Here's an updated [as of 12-13-2019] catalog listing of the items I normally make summarized in one place. Hopefully the photos will stay intact.  If anything here interests you, please send me a personal message (PM) by clicking my member handle or send me an email at GTWorksLLC on Gmail. I will need your zip code to calc shipping costs. All products come with money back guarantee - no problemo.  Some prices may have changed and availability is based on my frame of mind.

In addition to these items, I may be able to make up specials to suit your specific needs. I also offer design and prototyping services for non-FJR items. I have repaired and repainted many lids and other parts - if you need this service, contact me.

Please refrain from adding comments in this thread - put them in the Vendor Feedback thread instead. Thanks a bunch for looking and ride safe!

Luggage Racks - Gen1

Sorry, I am no longer making Gen1 racks.

Luggage Racks - Gen2/3

I have made two different styles for Gen2/3 racks (Standard, and Sport). All my racks are made of solid aluminum alloy and then TIG welded together. I normally powdercoat them satin black, but other common powdercoat colors are available. No modifications to the bike are needed for any of these - they just bolt on. Backrests can be added to any of the racks for $150 additional. Backrests can be either removable or permanently attached.  Here is the Standard style - approx. 12" x 16-1/2" wide. Cost is $240 plus S&H for one powdercoated satin black:


Next is the smaller Sport style rack - approx. 10-1/2" x 11-1/2" wide. Cost is $200 plus S&H for one powdercoated satin black:


Backrests can be added to either of these racks for $150. The following images show the removable and permanent attachment styles:



Backrests - Gen1

I am no longer making backrests for Gen1 bikes.

Backrests - Gen2/3

I can also provide a backrest for your Gen2 or 3 bike as shown below for $230 plus S&H. These show the Saddlemen pad I now use for backrests. The frames are normally powdercoated satin black. It sets on top of the rack and uses longer SST bolts and spacers that I include.



Highway pegs kits

I have available highway peg kits for all model years - the mounting plates are the same. I normally powdercoat the plates, spacers and pegs dark silver (similar to the engine cases) for Gen1 & 2 bikes, or bright silver for the Gen3 bikes. Other color options are available. The stateside cost for just the plates, spacers and SST screws are $70 in case you wish to mount your own pegs. Add $35 for universal-style pegs shown in the first images or $70 for the Rivco anti-vibe pegs shown in the second set of pics. Note - the left plate does not interfere with oil filter replacement.







This is what normally is included in a complete kit:


Stiffy kits

You may have read that some riders have experienced failure of the subframe - I have developed reinforcement kits that will substantially reduce the
chance of failure, and, if it were to happen, keep all the loosey items together until it can be serviced. A typical failure:



The stiffy kit for Gen1 bikes is $70 delivered stateside:




The stiffy kit for Gen2/3 bikes is $100 plus S&H:



Hydration systems

I can make you a hydration system to satisfy your thirst on the long haul. They come in 1/2 and 1-gal sizes and are mounted to one of your rear passenger footpegs. Included in the kit is a Coleman jug (you have some choice of colors), a base (again, you can pick a color), tubing and a bite valve. A quick-release latch makes removal quick for LD riders. Cost for the 1/2 gal kit is $100 plus S&H. Add $20 for the 1-gal kit.  Note - these kits can be mounted to other bikes as well.



Radar Detector mount kit

I have available, a kit that allows you to mount your RD atop one of the handlebar fluid reservoirs. Finish is satin black powdercoat. Stateside delivered cost is $50.


Handguard extenders

These help keep your fingertips a bit warmer by deflecting the cold air lower than the V-Strom hand guards. $25 delivered stateside.


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Uncle Hud

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Oct 9, 2012
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metro Atlanta
I have a couple of Garauld's items, and can testify to his good work -- just like many others have testified all over this website.



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Mar 6, 2006
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Sydney, Australia
Gary for the "super-sized Givi SR357 rack" (given that it's designed to work with the optional back rest) could you pls confirm if it in fact moves the GIVI topbox back a little more than the standard SR357 rack? I am currently using the Givi SR357 rack with an E52 topbox, and have always wished that the topbox would be a little further back to better accommodate a big bag (for camping, etc.) placed on the rear seat.

If your SR357 rack does move the topbox back a bit could you pls let me know how much further back it is?



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Jul 21, 2005
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Cave Creek, Arizona
I ordered the hydration system from Gary and just used it for the first time on the Three Flags Classic ride, this year from Tombstone to Kimberly, BC (where I am as I type this), Installed easy and perfectly and works like a champ! I much prefer it to wearing something on my back. It is easy to remove and go back to the rubber insert on the passenger peg when not needed. Thank you, Gary!!


NorCal FJR

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Apr 19, 2014
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Northern California
I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I ordered the highway pegs this year before my trip to Red Lodge and they worked it great. Good quality and quick turn around time. Great products!!

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