Barbarian Jumper Modification for Gen II bikes

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Actually, it seems that these "settings" are done 'en masse. The Yamaha engineers may take a few bikes off the line and actually make some CO measurements on those, but then once they feel they have come up with some good numbers, they just use the same exact ones on an entire batch of bikes. Most are the same through an entire model year.

The first gens all had numbers that escalated from left to right. Folks thought that might have something to do with the restrictions of the air path inside the air cleaner. It wasn't until around 2008 that we started to see 10's straight across. Not sure why they changed it, but without having gas ports in each individual exhaust line (before the cats) it would be pretty hard to get any really accurate setting.

After reading the posts on the Barbarian Jumper Modification (BJM) on the Forum I decided it was something I wanted to do to my '07 FJR. While the info was great, I could not find any directions or pictures specific to Gen II bikes. It appears that the mod was originally done to Gen I bikes and, with one small change, works on Gen IIs. So, I did the mod on my bike, did the CO adjustment and took pictures, putting it all together in a Adobe Acrobat file. The change to the bike's throttle response was fantastic, so I'd recommend it to anyone. To help, any Gen II owners would like a copy of the Acrobat file, just email me and I'll send it to you.


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After this mod is done is it necessary to return the wires to there previous locations and will doing this mod void my warranty ?

As this mods says, you would write down your stock settings, then make the changes. If warranty work was in order, you could easily move the wire back AFTER putting the settings back to stock.

It helped my bike A LOT!! Give it a shot, its free, its easy, and you could very easily change it back if you dont like the results. ;)

I did it yesterday. It was very simple and my settings were the same as the ones in the instructions. I havent had a chance to test it out yet because I took the clutch out and soaked it over night. I will test ride it when I get the clutch back in today.

Mine is smoother now but I did a tbs too so I dont know what effect just the jumper mod did but it was easy enough to do it doesnt matter.

After this mod is done is it necessary to return the wires to there previous locations and will doing this mod void my warranty ?
No need to move the wire back. Unless the dealer was specifically looking for CO settings, they'll never know the wire was moved in the first place.

Voiding warranty -- if it's happened, nobody's ever fessed up.